MFD Black screens entire fleet

No add ons except I downloaded the entire fleet of aircraft.

I have flight simulator premium deluxe and within the last two days it became apparent to me that regardless of the aircraft or mission the MFDs, Nav screens and G1000 or G3000 screens became black after the last update. This is in every aircraft with GPS.

This was just after Wednesday Feb 24th where I was able to share screen my MSFS 2020 with some cadets from a Zoom ground school session I was running.

At that time the game was stable and working well.

After this date my Flight sim downloaded an update. I believe it was this update or the recent Xbox game servers that caused the black screens.

Nothing I tried has worked so far.
I am currently reinstalling the game, as I have the premium deluxe version, 167 GB, it is taking quite some time. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

In the mean time I’m very mad that this has happened and really this is taking time away from being able to use the simulator properly.

I have a current version of Windows 10(64x), Intel Core i5-2500k@3.30GHz - 5.9GHZ, (32supported) (16used) ram, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB of GDDR5

I’m am currently struggling with a super slow reinstall.
Yay team.

Sounds like you may be missing some crucial elements of the flight sim. Perhaps they did not download or install properly.

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I’m wondering what update you pulled on the 24th/25th?

World Update 3 was before that, and the flaps hotfix is likely not until 1st week March.

Given all clients are synchronized to the same update wave, something else happened.

We had an XBox Services outage the other night.

My suggestion would be to log out of your XBox account while at Main Menu, upper right. Shut down and restart sim and log back in. See what a quick flight does then. Just make sure you know the password to your account before you do, and that you have access to the email account associated in case things go pear shaped and you need to recover the password.

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I will start it after the reinstall and see what happens. If it’s the same then I will try the logout proceedure as described above.

Reinstall worked to fix the MFD black screens.

At this point I have no idea what caused the issue, but I am sure happy to have the digital ownership and ability to reinstall.

In future I will try the log out from Xbox game servers, but the reinstall is a valid way to fix this issue.

I’ve had the same problem after the most recent update (SU3). I’ve spent all day reinstalling, no add-ons. Same problem.

Same problem. I was flying steam gauges instead but suddenly my steam gauge 172 vanished today. I don’t have a day to devote to downloading a reinstall… not happy…