MFG Crosswind Pedals

Any idea on when or if MFG Crosswind rudder pedals will become usable? Is this a Microsoft issue or an MFG issue? I’m grounded til then…


They are working for me. Just got to add the axes manually as this pedal set is not automatically recognized by the sim.


Ok, thanks! These launches are always sooo fun! LOL I appreciate the help!

frwi1973 - I see how it works now! I got my first flight in. It was awesome! Thank you Sir! Dave

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Be sure to bind the “Axis” to the Controls. Rudder Axis and Brake Axis. Otherwise the Controls are a little bit “Digital”. :wink:


JovialCargo1949 - ok, I will double check that. So far, they seem to be working fine except for the brakes seem to “rock” back and forth a little bit before start up. After start up and during taxi, the brakes don’t seem to do that anymore (???) I appreciate the help!

I had that do. For some reasons, the Calibration was not correct. Go the the Crosswind Website and look for their Software Package.

It’s needed for Re-Calibration the Pedals, for example if you changed the Angle of the Footplates. Never use Windows Calibration for the Pedals. Do a new calibration with the Software and don’t forget to safe them. The Calibration is stored internally in the Electronics of the Pedals. After that, the Issue with the rocking Pedal should be solved.

Ahh yes! I recalibrated using the software, and the pedals stopped rocking. Thank you for reminding me of this. I don’t think I have recalibrated the pedals since the initial calibration. That did the trick! Much appreciated!


They are usable in the sim for me. I just had to go in & manually set the curves on the axis so it wasn’t so sensitive.

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I have the MFG Crosswind v2’s, and they were the only flight control I had to manually configure. Assigning the three axes was fiddly at first, till I got used to the method for first identifying the axis I want to assign. After that it was plain sailing. I have my sensitivity down at 60%, which gives me ample control on taxi, and on takeoff/landing.


thanks for the info, I will try 60% sensitivity as well.

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I now run at 29%.

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Just adding some help and tips for others.

-The new V3’s come with two cams. #4 is preinstalled and the #6 has a (more) pronounced center spot. Both are very smooth through that area however, with #6 being a little bit easier to find and feel the center. #4 works nicely for Helicopter use but still can be used for Fixed Wing.
-I don’t have the damper yet, so the spring is used and set just enough to take up the slack and not flop around for Heli use, but still has a little bit of center return for Fixed Wing.

The most important thing:
Do Not Use Windows Calibration at all. Ignore it, don’t touch it.
-Down load the MFG Software (which now has Auto Calibration btw), so it’s ready to use.
-On the first use, plug in your pedal’s usb and let windows set up your usb/hid device.
When that’s completed, open mfg sofware and follow the instructions. Easy Peast Done.

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I have the damper for the v3. I have it a little tight resistance wise, and the spring just tight enough to stop it flopping. They feel really good compared to my v2’s without the spring.

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