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Hello everyone, today I want to express my frustration since the launch of mfs2020 I have only been able to make 1 flight
I can’t get used to the camera system I would like to ask the administrators or some developer for help who can create a camera program to be able to sort out the mess they have a bit. Created,

I feel disappointed I thought it would be different and today I would be enjoying a flight but it has not been like that … I need help

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Tip #0 …Did you try Control-Space ? For me, that resets the cockpit camera to default (forward)

Tip #1 …Go to the top ribbon (the white symbol, move your mouse over it) click camera symbol left…

Tip #2 … You click tabs on the camera menu to switch the camera type.

Tip #3 … ESC, go Options Controller Settings Keyboard. The search for Camera, you see all options.

I’m sure if you spend some time trying to figure the camera system out you will find it’s not too difficult.
What aircraft are you trying to fly? Perhaps I can offer some tips.

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