MFS Stuck...please wait

After it stopped downloading I restarted and more updates required with window shows 68.22GiB to go and PLEASE WAIT and it just sits there and does nothing

Surely they can get the download part to work correctly ? Doesnt give me much hope for the game is they can’t get that basic part right

Hello and welcome here!

Pls use Find Icon upper right of this window to find similar problematics or visit Zendesk where some solutions and FAQs are listed already.

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have found and looked and have removed last package which it downloads again and then it locks up…just sits there with “please wait”

now I see quite a few others have similar problems so it is clear it is a problem with the Program itself and it needs to be fixed…have wasted hours as well as money

ok…have it installed after doing this

right click on windows icon and select run then type %appdata% and you will be able to see the files

delete the packages and then reboot and start the game again

THEN DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PC AGAIN…dont check email or play a card game , unlike windows updates it appears this doesnt like to download while you are doing other things