MFS2020 not available through Steam in Russia anymore

Unlucky. Any news about sanctions?

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I didn’t know Putin played the sim.


me too…seems dat’s really scary…

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the mods locking this thread because it’s gonna become a political thread instead of a thread about flight simming.

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A political thread is still a political thread.

The situation in Ukraine is completely out of control and there’s absolutely nothing a single one of us can do about.

Lets accept it, and move on. No reason to discuss it because it’s a political thread

well, they could give info about that @ least. It’s just made in silence without warning.
And it’s really dumb to close access to the niche game. I mean, the amount of pilots who are playing this game is really low compared to other titles…
This makes aabout 0 impact.


Sad. I’ve read a Lot about the sanctions and have not heard of gaming being part of it. However, it’s all a moving target at the moment, no pun or joking intended.

Visa and MC pulled out so that could created a problem if those cards are required to play or purchase stuff.

Have you tried using a VPN connection? Or remove any geo locating software?

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Here is a blog post from Microsoft on March 4, 2022 regarding sales in Russia:

Look to this blog for any other updates from Microsoft as a whole. Thank you.