Microsoft and Asobo need to rethink their update releases process

With the teething bugs that we saw, I guarantee you the sim was just tested it like this:

  1. Start the sim
  2. Start a flight
  3. Look around without taking off
  4. All good, passed the test :laughing:

Edit: looking around isn’t needed, if they looked around, they would have seen the mesh issue in December lol


I’d say it’s more like

  1. dev cam/slew mode/spawn in air
  2. Look at new scenery
  3. Looks good, time to release

This is for world updates at least


You’re right. You can’t test everything. But when an update is released and users are finding a multitude of bugs (sometimes very serious ones) within seconds of getting into our planes, that’s a problem.

Either testers are doing a poor job, or they’re reporting the bugs up the chain, and someone at the top made a decision that these issues weren’t worthwhile looking at in light of the release schedule.


Or the oversized signs in this one

I am pretty sure Jörg calls the shots when it comes to updates timelines. I honestly don’t think that he would be fine releasing something that he knew that will produce a big backlash. My guess is more into the Q&A process being very faulty and coordination within teams.

I wish we were given a choice to update or not, I’d rather wait to see if it’s broken anything before I update, my sim was better before this update, now I’m going to have to spend hours messing with graphics settings to get rid of the screen tearing.
When you do up towards a 60 hour working week and have to get up anywhere from between 3 to 5 am for work I don’t have time to mess around with settings, I just want to fly.


They said they were going to add a beta branch this year. Is that still happening?

I think that is pointless. We are now at monthly update cycles so that more testing is done. That’s why Asobo listened to the feedback and extended the times. But apparently they don’t listen to the testers’ feedback. I can’t imagine that the testers accept this without reporting anything.

If the updates come every 3 months, then everything will remain as it is now. Then we will only get faulty updates every 3 months. No, no, something has to be changed directly at Asobo in QA. Someone sits there who agrees to everything and approves the chaos.


Totally disagree with the “move to quarterly” updates. Time isn’t the issue with these bugs. I think it’s (lack of) resources or experts in development. For example, flybywire or Working Title produce weekly updates in dev and rarely has it broken the plane - it’s improved it dramatically.

I agree with you that the bugs are getting old… but I also don’t want to wait 3-6 months.

On the contrary, I think Asobo needs to be more agile and push hot fixes like every other game developer does.


Whoever calls the shots really doesn’t matter.

MSFS patches so far have pretty much been like this: Imagine you’ve bought a car. You paid for it at the dealership. On the day you go pick it up, you see it sitting there in the lot, all shined up and ready for you. The dealer tells you that his head mechanic just took it out for a test drive to make sure all was good.

You get in, turn the key. It sounds like you have a drummer on meth under your hood doing paradiddles on your engine block with ballpeen hammers, and there’s black smoke that smells like someone cremating month old road kill billowing out from the engine. Then the dealer looks at you in surprise saying the mechanic never said there was anything wrong and everything should have been fine.

Then he tells you “But it still runs. Just come back in a month and we’ll fix it for you then…”


100%. This is exactly it. Pushing to a longer update cycle is not the solution.

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Their update system is even more broken than the core game is. You’re supposed to get a 20MB AIRAC update and end up having to download the whole game over again (if it doesn’t break mid update) at speeds that would have been considered slow at the time FSX was new.


As a developer myself I can say this is highly un-professional, to release something that breaks the sim completely turning it into an arcade game. Add to that you’re gonna wait until the next release to fix it? Thats just plain lazy, everyone who’s working on this project should be ashamed of the studio they work for.


Asobo Quality control haven’t test the update yet because they were stuck at the download screen…, then the Sim crashed to desktop :joy:.


For real. FlyByWire had this same workaround in their A32NX dev branch within an hour or two of the patch release.

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I think really, in the next Dev Q&A, we should ask them, who’s responsible for this dumpster fire and how can they assure us, it will not be happening again

We don’t need to know who. We just need to know that it won’t happen again.

Agreed. It’s ridiculous. And yet hundreds of game developers push out patches and hot fixes and updates all the time with almost zero issue.

This is what is super weird. I’ve had slow download speeds occasionally, but I’ve never had issues with “having to reinstall” the whole simulator. I’m really not sure what causes it, it’s quite a weird issue.

I know quite a few people who own the sim, none of them have had this issue either.

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Same. And I understand bugs and issues. And over the last 27 years, I’ve rolled out software with bugs. Never glaring, in your face ones though. Typically buried ones that are hard to find. And as a result, Iended up having to work late or called in on a weekend to fix something that got broken in an update and get a patch out for it ASAP. If I had told my clients “Oh, just wait till next month and I’ll fix it with the next service update”, I wouldn’t still be employed.