Microsoft/Asobos calendar

What is the name of Microsoft/Asobos calendar that the week starts on Thursday? The only one I know starts on Monday or Sunday( for the Jews).

I’m confused to what you are referring to.

If you see the development map you will understand.

Right, its for the dev blog which updates every Thursday. If the dev blog was on Fridays then the dates would be listed as Fridays.

The only thing really different is Sim Update 4 which is scheduled to come out Tuesday, that’s why it’s listed as (5/25)

So its Microsoft policy to update their programs every Thursday? I wonder what is the thinking behind this…

That’s not what I am saying. That list you showed is to tell you what’s going to be in the next dev update and also when the next sim / world updates are planning on being released

Microsoft generally will release updates to the game on Tuesdays.

The actual software updates are on Tuesdays, which is the day Nvidia, AMD, and a lot of games release products for some reason. Thursdays are when they do their development update. There’s probably an internal reason they chose that day.

Thanks guys for all the info.

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