Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yet again praises MSFS

From the article

“You also see the power of the cloud when you look at the evolution of some of our first-party games, like Flight Simulator. It exemplifies, at least for me, what uniquely we can do by bringing together the power of all of Microsoft tech stack, right, from Azure AI to Bing maps, and even spatial computing, which came together to create essentially literally a digital twin of the entire planet.”

Link to full article Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer on Why Microsoft is “All In” on Gaming - Xbox Wire


Never thought I’d see Nadella in a Halo hoodie! Hes a cool guy!

He’s a good guy, but kinda sad to see the MS CEO reduced to a talking billboard. Reminds me of Fierce Creatures.

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(sarcasm alert)
He did not play long enough. He would have CTDed !

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It is obvious what direction the future of Microsoft gaming is heading. Gone are the days of stand-alone titles that we can put on our laptops and go sit in the campsite, with no wi-fi, and while away the hours.

I did notice one phrase that left me scratching my head though…


  • used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person, thing, or situation.


  • in a literal manner or sense; exactly.
  • used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true.

Raises three possible questions…

  1. Is the MSFS world a basic representation of the real world?
  2. Is the MSFS world an exact replication of the real world?
  3. Is the statement that the MSFS world is a basic replication of the real world an untrue statement?

While I applaud the attempt to bring focus to the amazing tech that has allowed us to have the MSFS world as it is, I would strongly suggest that CEO either hire a new writer or give the one he has a raise for providing him with plausible deniability simply based on ambiguity.

:thinking: :laughing: :wink:


Got Cell coverage? Activate your phone’s hot spot feature and have at it! (Hope you have unlimited data…)

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Not sure where you live but cell service is required to get wi-fi, where I live.

after 600 hours and no CTD, how long do you think I still need to play for my game to crash?

Would like to know, i’m feeling ostracized with my game beeing stable


I feel so much better now. I was beginning to think I was the only one that got the release version.
I will never understand why there were two different releases. And how did they decide who would get the prank one?


You should be ashamed :wink:

BTW, could you, for the record, give a basic description of your CPU & GPU?

I see what you did there. :wink:


playing on a MSI laptop GP75 leopoard with a i7 10750 & RTX2070 8gb & 16gb ram


I clearly got the “prank” one!
Thanks! It does explain a lot of things.


Yeah, despite everything I’ve put into this sim since last year, I’ve yet to have a CTD


I had a CTD twice !

I installed a faulty freeware mod and it CTDed twice in a row with this mod, so I deleted the Mod.

Has been a while ago though.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X , Radeon RX580 (8GB VRAM), 16 GB of DDR4 Ram (G.SKill, 3000MhZ), M.2 SSD Harddrive, MSI B450 mainboard.
Bilt the rig myself in 2019 for only 650 EUR including Casing and Power Supply. Works like a charm.

Hey, also a no crasher here! Thought I tell you my rig as well, just cuz more data is better. 9900K, no hyperthreading on for fsim (4.8 ghz all core OC), 32gb ram, 3090 rtx, corsair 1200watt psu, 1tb Nvme ssd. 1gigabit fiber conn.

1 Like 1042 votes and 4039 posts beg to differ, especially when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and CTDs are still #3 in the list of bugs (without any feasible progress for several months now). Not to count the countless other threads in this forum, reddit, avsim or elsewhere with reports about crashes.

CTDs are still pretty much prevalent. The fact that some (most) people don’t have them doesn’t make the rest of the users any happier about MSFS.

Other than that, good that MSFS is getting the attention it deserves from MS HQ, which will hopefully give enough resources to Asobo to make their sim more stable.

I’m running on an i7-4790K/16GB/2070 Super system through an LG 55UN7300 55" 4K TV. I did have a bunch of CTD’s recently related to my trying to get my AI aircraft organized and displaying proper planes on the tarmac (I’m a little tired of seeing 9 Bleriot XI’s at KACK on the tarmac, and yet no airliners). But I’m going to chalk that up to my probably having some really old, poorly packaged liveries on my system. When I turned off “Use Generic planes” the CTD’s went away. Other than that, I’ve been CTD free.

One thing I do do is make sure none of my sceneries have modellib.bgl files. If I find them, I rename the files appropriately. I even change the silly “mycompany” directory names. I’m sure they’re not causing a problem, but they annoy me. :wink:

I have 55GB of files in my Community directory, with 260 packages including 25 aircraft and a bunch of liveries and sceneries.

I noted how carefully a copy of one of the original FS titles was placed in his curio cabinet behind him :slight_smile:

Turn off the OC and try again. MS have said that OC can lead to crashes.

None of these statements are indicating FS2020 is a simulator, just another cloud based Google Earth… :slight_smile: