Microsoft Crash Simulator - why not do what the competition does? (once again)

I have been having crash to desktop for a few days, continously when spawning on the runway, audio goes cucu then it crashes, for someone who is older than 15 would remember this in the early 2000 era of standard PC Gaming.

Why they did not even bother to add error handling as basics of coding? Xplane 11 has a log, it shows what scenery is causing issues too before just crashing without having clue of what happen, here a team of 200 people cannot do an error handling bit?

The fact that they stress about community folder is pointless, yes of course we need addon 90% of airfields are wrong / missing so thankfully there is - sim does not load in a millisecond on a 3k PC so it is unthinkable to load each single time one install a single field because they could not even do t hat right.

Sorry the rant but from a Microsoft product developed by a triple A developer the standards are as bad as the flight model.

The fact that crashes anywhere in the world makes me think about not a scenery related as it should not even read stuff in a country in the opposite side of the planet.

to help the developers you shoud upload some more information about the crashes like crash-reports of Windows so this can be better located. From the looks of waht you have posted so far and the fact that other users are not having any CTD i guess your crash is the result of your system and possible addons.

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Others are having CTDs, though. Some seem to be spontaneous, some always happen under various circumstances, and sometimes it starts for apparently no reason. I had them start up after an update and was able to fix them by unplugging network while starting the program.

They are happening and seem to have a number of causes. It’s a new and very complex hunk of software, though. But definitely understand the frustration.


Dung a bit guys, same as many many others, so to reinforce MICROSOFT BUG SIMULATOR, there is no log like Xplane 11 nor messages but you can see stuff in the Windows Event Viewer, all and each of my crashes are related to the below, again, a Microsoft Game not working on a Microsoft Platform due of a Microsoft API… out of the blue even!

So far I got rid of hours and hours of downloads trying to fix this when apparently has nothing to do with addons, at least my own findings as ASOBO decided to release a “sim” without any sort of error message or log.

Will now try to reinstall MICROSOFT OWN stuff to make sure MICROSOFT OWN GAMES work on it… let’s see if that fixes it.

Isn’t more complex of Xplane 11 nor P3D…and it is a team as never seen before in the hobby in term of size, yet is a total disaster, updates are so so slow, they do a sim update every two months for the horrible state this is they should not even look at region and fix the game first and foremost. Well and the Xbox version as probably they are barely touching the PC version anyway.

What a joke!

Faulting application name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Faulting module name: VCRUNTIME140.dll, version: 14.28.29910.0, time stamp: 0x602478b9
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000001202
Faulting process ID: 0x1e44
Faulting application start time: 0x01d75e091c1e53d9
Faulting application path: N:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll
Report ID: c3e4aaa1-67fb-46e8-bb94-69175e50939b
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

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Here is my frustration.

Windows, is quite capable of producing a very detailed CRASH DUMP, which could be analyzed to pinpoint the exactly cause of the CTD, but it requires debug information that is not available to the user, or included in the sim.

I would like to think I had “the Option” to allow w that information to be sent to MS, so that these CTDs could be analyzed fully, and the cause corrected.

I have to 'assume" my PC is NOT sending in these Dumps for MSFS, because most other Apps I have that crash will display to me the “option” to send in that information to MS.

MSFS does not do this. It just CRASHED, Windows Produces the Crash Log, but once again, I assume it goes no further, and is NOT sent to Microsoft, as I am not asked to allow it.

So you ask, why not just send the CrashDump ZENDESK, along with your CTD report.

Tried that, when MSFS consistently did a CTD when I plugged in a Thrustmaster FF Joystick.

All I got back form Zendesk was some canned response, on how to set up the Profile for a Joystick in MSFS !!

If only I could get that far !!! … which basically told me that Zendesk did not even read my report with any comprehension , and that the chances of the Crash Dump ever reaching an ASOBO dev was ZERO.

6 months later, MSFS will still ALWAYS CTD if certain , fully functional W10 USB Joysicks are attempted to be used with MSFS.

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It’s not really Microsoft software, though. It’s Asobo. Not that that excuses Microsoft for their part, but it is a partnership with Asobo.

Yep they are useless.

Anyway, now I went for the most drastic way.

First downloaded a couple of updates that were pending for Windows
Update VC to latest version
Delete each and every addon, all, zero, vanilla…

Launch the game, fly and not even loading the tree it crashes to desktop…

Really this thing is shocking, I had dropped it a while back due of the arcade flight model, however due of covid I did not fly in real life so I noticed less how bad it is and picked it up again and this is the result :smiley:

Not only in months they fix nothing, they actually made things worse!

Agree, also the average user would not even know what the Windows Event Viewer is, that’s not a viable way to manage crash log.

I mention Xplane again because is a small team and they did what a 200 pax team should have done in half the time, this game is years behind in development.

I opened a ticket however they are just lazy (no surprise there really) - I did for the sake of it, ASOBO isn’t the right developer for MSFS, if Microsoft really cared they would have done it in house, as with FSX, this is just a mess and a proof of concept.


The Windows Event Viewer, is just tHAST – an EVENT VIEWER.

It will keep a log of windows Events, like an App CTD, with supply VERY LITTLE information as to why it really crashed.

For that you need the CRASH DUMP…

then you need the tools to ANALYSE the Crash DUMP, and to get right down to the details, you need a Symbol table, the Source code, and the technical ability to analyze what happened.

Unfortunaly, it gets eve more complex than this, because to fully analyze what has happened, you really need to have been running a debugable version of the application, which is not what is released to the consumer.

Then you get the issues where the debug version not the same as the production version, and may well behave differently when run.

While not directly related, it focuses more on aircraft development logging, you could all put your votes behind this:

I thought there was a wishlist item for crash logging specifically, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe it was just a general discussion instead.

I would suggest a clean reinstall of the sim and see if that helps. If not, reinstall windows if you don’t want to wait forever for answers in here. It is what it is unfortunately.

Have you by chance recently installed an older game/s that installed older versions of C++ Redistributable (Redist)?

It’s been my experience in the past where having many versions of C++ installed on top of one another, then updated through windows update, then installed again from another game/program and then not patched by windows update can deliver a smorgasbord of .dlll version conflicts thus often bugs and crashes.

I’ll give you one example to keep short as possible. I use an app called EVGA precision and it is built using the most recent version of C++ 2015 Redist and installs that when installing. Now, some older games or programs may also install C++ 2015 Redist files but the ones that installed through an older package, and yes interestingly there are older and newer C++ 2015 Redist packages, the newest come direct from MS and older packages you find will be generally packaged with older games or programs. So, once the older package is installed, EVGA precision stops loading and Lo and behold, Faulting application name: PrecisionX_x64.exe Faulting module name: VCRUNTIME

Have you ever considered performing a clean system installation?

I searched around on my system for VCRUNTIME140.dll

You’ll see that many programs use it and/or written to, however I am not seeing MSFS in the list, perhaps it is in the shared folders but I can’t expand the window in search mode. Anyways, coming from a newly installed OS and only one game installed being MSFS I checked file versions on my end of the VCRUNTIME140.dll

Mind you, I have only had one crash in MSFS that was caused by an (outdated) add-on…

Specifically in the system locations C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and C:\Windows\System32 as mentioned in your error log. The error log states you have a file version of 14.28.29910.0. Now, the most recent and up to date version of this file is 14.28.29913.0. So now we have a version conflict and I can almost bet you Microsoft did not put the older version in there… we could point our finger solely at MS but keep in mind that when we do, three of our own fingers are pointing back at us. So we may miss a chance to garner an understanding of what is going on. Could MS do something about this, yes but then they would have to scan your system core during updates then patch to the newest versions, but even this good intention from MS could cause other applications to break as well because they may rely on previous versions and may never have been patched or updated on their end.

This is one reason why I have not installed any other games on my system through steam, because a few are older and one even currently in development that force C++ runtime installations that can result in issues with more than just MSFS…

I would recommend to you to if at all possible prep your system (make backups & download recent drivers) to install the OS anew. Install OS, Install Drivers, DO NOT allow Windows update to install drivers, Run Windows updates, update MS apps through MS Store, Install MSFS. Test and then perhaps slowly bring the programs/games you want or need onto the operating system.


You won’t get in to the folder where the MSFS files sit without some trickery.

For the MS Store version that is here:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.16.2.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

There are two related files in here:


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My rig is 6 months old and I’m getting this crash error as well. I doubt reinstalling things is going to do anything other than waste your time and effort. I have played the game for two weeks and I’m running into the error despite trying the numerous fixes proposed on this board. This is the base game from MS Game Pass - unmodded.

Any “doubt” in this context is a hypothesis and we should know that a hypothesis is something that needs tested before any conclusions are drawn, kindly stated. By means of you writing that your system is 6 months old, what did your system come with that was preinstalled? I’ve seen systems managed and ran for 10+ years with no issues and 10,000 dollar gaming rigs that are two days old crash constantly… just saying. My only hope is that people that are having issues are able to resolve them. Cheers!

I won’t bust through the access rights on my end because that as well can cause issues. The directory is a bit different depending on where you install the game. Could you by chance share the version of the vcruntime140_1.dll that you find in the directory you browse? Curious as to what version it is.

Not a very productive discussion.

Many, including myself, have not experienced a single CTD since launch… yet here you guys are calling it Microsoft Crash Simulator, Microsoft Bug Simulator, etc.

Looking more like a flame and blame thread begging to be shut down.


Excellent you haven’t experienced a CTD. Most probably have. Many have figured out a lot of the CTD are caused by interrupt issues. Many devices connected, changing, and causing issues (example change your sound device while flying and watch a CTD). Also, depending upon the aircraft you’re flying, A320N FlyByWire for example, simply hit ESC, make a change, go back in, either you CTD or you find Flaps are set to 4 and Brakes are full out. So just because YOU haven’t experienced a CTD doesn’t mean others have not. And God bless your little prideful soul for being so lucky.

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It would be more accurate to say “some” or “many” probably have [experienced a Ctd] rather than “most”. There’s no evidence that “most” of the millions of users are experiencing CTDs.

  1. pointed out by another user above
  1. Plenty of PC games do not respond kindly to device changes during gameplay. MSFS for example may pause for a moment during device connects/disconnects. We are not talking about an Xbox here…
  1. You use a modification as an example of CTDs when issues caused by/when using mods is not a problem with MSFS itself and should be discussed on the mod developers forum as instructed.

None of those justify flaming Microsoft, Asobo, or their simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator.


In incorrect generalisation. The PMS50 GPS mods have a feature for airspace messages. Enable this, and you will almost certainly get a crash. Leave it disabled, and you won’t.

Apparently this feature is triggering an issue with the sim.

You have some reading to do, friend.