Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Auckland Pack 1.0 - Now Released!

NZ & AUS MFS2020 Discord - Auckland Pack 1.0

Part of the New Zealand and Australian Scenery Series - Launch of the free download for Auckland, New Zealand for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Pack by: Sprout, MartyNz, Nethiuz, HybridNz

Cameras, editing and music written by: HybridNz
Mass Division - Jupiter’s Dawn (c) 2020

All logos, devices, entities and trademarks are copyright to their respective owners.


  • Auckland Ports
  • Auckland CBD (29 blocks)
  • Eden Park
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Auckland Sky Tower
  • Spark Arena
  • Auckland Museum
  • Night mode / lights work for all!

More to come including:

  • Pack consolidation
  • Frame count optimisation
  • New terraforming
  • much more planned

Copy to your FS2020 community folder to install and fly.

All welcome to join the Discord, We are a regional community that enjoy flights, modding and growing the New Zealand and Australian Flight Sim 2020 Community. All welcome.

Trailer here:

Download from either Mediafire or here:


Awesome. thanks a million!

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Blends well right in with surrounding default scenery. A bit of a performance hit but honestly nowhere as bad as other custom sceneries I’ve tried. Still very playable!

Love it and appreciate what the community is doing.

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Cheers, was good to fly with you. Next realease we are working on LODs to help with performance. But a lot of work has been done to remove the hit on this release.
We would of done it in time for this release but the new SDK broke some things on the project files, we are trying to work out this and then will rebuild with new LOD zones.

Test out night time, a lot of effort into the night lighting has been done.

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Looks like a great add-on. Thanks for all the efforts.
Is there are way to combine everything into one folder, as the community folder is already going to br a nightmare with only one folder lever seemingly allowed. I’d like to add all of this into one folder and create a new layout.json.

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This is awesome, thanks so much!

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Yes we will be looking to combine into a single folder amoung other upcoming enhancements. Its been a bit of a learning process as more of us devs learn the SDKs secrets.

Impressive! Great work!

Saw this earlier so will download later as have a lot of flying to do yet around Australia and New Zealand. You folks ‘down under’ are knocking it out of the park with all the stuff you’ve done even so far. Top effort👍

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This is now the 2nd pack you guys have done and the 2nd time I was like WOW it looks amazing, all the way down to working night lights is just amazing. Great work and keep making these awesome packs it sure makes flying around there a lot more interesting.

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You are amazing and so generous to share this hard work with us all!

Have a great weekend. I know I will exploring this area and Brisbane!

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It’s great to see some early attention given to New Zealand, so thanks for that. However…
I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but I do have some issues with this. I posted these on another forum, but it might be more open to post them here.
First, the licensing, or lack of. I’m aware that MSFS has seen a real interest in adding details like this, getting the source from wherever it is available, but licensing is still a real consideration. Maybe just a mention in the readme or manual that this is not licensed, so that people can make up their own mind.
The second issue was the number of folders, and I’m pleased to see that this will be changed at some stage. Developers really need to give a lot of thought to how the Community folder can be kept manageable, as it could easily become a monster.
And lastly – popunders, really? I know that finding a good download site is tricky, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen popunders, and I must admit they freak me out. I see that Avsim now has a MSFS section, maybe something like that might be a better choice.
Just for the sake of openness, I have previously released an Auckland scenery for other sims, including the city buildings, although the models were not my own work. Although I produce NZ scenery for a living, I have no intention of reworking Auckland, so I’d be thrilled to have someone put some serious time and effort into this.

Is there anyone in Auckland NZ who feels that a MSFS support group would work in the physical sense after “lockdown” of course. Many years ago we had one that met once a month and it got many of us off the ground and underway. link gives 404 error

Not jumping through the media fire hoops and opening an account

Discord invite is invalid

Bit of a disaster trying to download this!

I moved this topic to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs

thanks, this scenery is no longer supported and has been removed.