Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Auckland Pack Alpha 0.1 - Now Released!

Enjoy peeps

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Auckland Pack Alpha 0.1

NZ & AUS Discord
Part of the New Zealand Scenery Series - Launch of the free download for Auckland, New Zealand for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Pack by: MartyNz, Sprout, Nethiuz, HybridNz

Cameras, editing and music written by: HybridNz
Mass Division - Jupiter’s Dawn © 2020

All logos, devices, entities and trademarks are copyright to their respective owners.


  • Eden Park
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Auckland Sky Tower
  • Spark Arena
  • Auckland Museum
  • Night mode / lights work for all! see the end of the trailer :slight_smile:

Copy to your FS2020 community folder to install and fly.

Pack Trailer here:

Download here:



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Need 5 folders to be added to the community? Can I put everything in one Auckland folder? Otherwise, there will soon be confusion.

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Fantastic, thanks!

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Oh yeeah , sweet as bro.


Fantastic work, thank you! New Zealand is one of my favorite places, how cool that they have Barad-dûr in the middle of Auckland? hehe Glad that you are boosting the scenery, keep em coming.

And thumbs up for the industrial music!

Thanks for this, a beautiful rendition of a city which has grown a lot since I spent a couple of years there long ago.
Sometimes things like this spoil memories. This is so good it just brings them back,
I cannot wait for Wellington and the Sounds round Picton. Paraparumu would be nicee too as I did my first solo there.

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And what is the long strip on the water?

Have you received an answer? I have the same question.

Perhaps this is a question for ASOBO

Champions! looks great guys.

Wow! Amazing!

Thanks guys, we are all really humbled by the response we have had to the pack.

Its stuff like this that keeps us going! …

Anyone that has this working where did you install the files? In one folder of 5 different folders?

At the moment the community folder only supports a single directory per main imported model unfortuntely.
Just copy the directories into the community folder for it to work

Thank you for the reply

The models look like they are pulled directly from Goole maps. I hope you are aware of the legal implications of doing this.

And where did google pull it from? They are actual buildings & structures right? There always has to be only cranky granny…