Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Announced

I assume if it works in either it will work in both. Of course that doesn’t mean the experience will be identical.

From the Official FAQ that was released and already posted here in the thread

Totally agree. Their communication was unacceptable. People getting hysterical and spouting insults/nonsense is one thing, however that’s a minority. Most of us had/have legitimate concerns. If anyone can’t see that and is just summarily dismissing it, then they need to stop and consider the wider picture, imo.


Not a cash grab, but rather a necessary update forced upon them.  IOW, not their fault if they have to refactor the code to get it to work with the new version.

Complaints about 3rd party dev’s having to refactor and charge more?  Dial 1-800-call-Microsoft.

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There has been no empirical evidence of any kind to prove that this is the case…:…:but I understand people s reaction but in my profession we act on evidence

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Will all purchases users have made from the Marketplace be transferrable to the new simulator?

With very few exceptions, virtually all add-ons that work in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) today will function in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Add-ons that were purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace will not need to be re-purchased in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.



The only model that makes sense from a continued revenue POV is a sub. Could it be that gamepass wll be a requirement? (essentialy a sub with carrots attached {other games can be played too}). It’s been mentioned before on here, but could it actually happen? Will they actually go there?
Agree though re have I had value out of £100 - yes, more than, I’m ok with paying for an upgrade, but completely unsure about how I feel about a sub as I don’t play other games.

Main questions I have include -

  1. More specific release date.
  2. What hardware will be required? Will min spec systems goalposts have been moved?
  3. What min spec of hardware to see new features. Will all our sliders now be at low end now to
    accommodate transition for new high end systems?
  4. What is upgrade path/cost/model? just game pass? Other options?
  5. How long will FS2020 continue to be supported 1yr? 5yr? and to what level of support and when will it be phased out? We need a dev roadmap that includes the new and current sim.

I agree that there has been, and continues to be unreasonable reactions to the trailer. I find it kind of funny that people are acting this way, when there is a year to go before it gets released. We don’t have to have instant information, as nothing is going to change short term.


I find it fascinating watching this thread unfold. It is a lesson in drama of the highest order! My personal take on MSFS 2024…It is a great thing! Here is why: Did anyone ever try changing/upgrading the engines of a Dreamliner whilst it is flying over the Atlantic? No, because it would not be possible without grounding the airplane for several months. Anyone ever witness cabin crew vacuuming up a mess made by someone with an in flight meal? Yes, because it entirely possible without impacting on the flight. What is my point? Well I believe that Asobo now have an opportunity to build a simulator from the ground up, removing some of the inherited constraints + being able to apply the learning of their experience so far with MSFS 2020. They have a chance to redesign the core engine which would not be possible otherwise without grounding the current Sim MSFS2020. All Asobo are effectively able to do with MSFS2020 is vacuum up that metaphorical flight meal mess with the current sim, based purely on the fact that they ‘need to keep the plane in the air’. Developing a sequel whilst keeping MSFS operating parallel is a great thing in my opinion. I can’t wait, however in the meantime I have MSFS to continue to fly with. What is not to like!?


There’s definitely been a lot of unnecessary hysteria.

But the developers could have avoided 90% of it by simply releasing the FAQ with the trailer. They knew people would form their own conclusions, it is normal human behaviour. It was irresponsible and short-sighted of them to release the trailer with no information whatsoever.


Let’s wait and see what happens, it’s a pointless exercise speculating.

I guess marketplace revenue isn’t enough for Microsoft to justify keeping the franchise going much longer so rebranding the new engine updates as a separate ‘2024’ product to generate more interest and revenue is the solution marketing came up with.

I’m gonna reserve judgement until the thing is actually out but jesus christ the way they handled this announcement and the communications around is is pretty bad.

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All i feel is… i should just « mooo », enjoy beeing milked and given unfinished product and feel betrayed by asobo…
Like the so called expert series…

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I’m almost certain it won’t be two separate sims guys.

I bet you this is what will happen

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator is renamed to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024
  2. A free update introduces some base functionality such as lighting and graphical updates
  3. A new DLC appears in the in game marketplace called Flight Simulator 2024 which you can optionally buy to add all the features shown in the trailer.

It’s just an update and DLC marketed as a new sequel, I’m sure if this :ok_hand:

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This certainly is the most interesting thread to date :sweat_smile:. For various reasons…

Might this be the moment that Asobo gets rid of the FSX code and builds a fresh new sim on top of the existing weather/world engine?

This will give all kinds of new possibilities.

And for all the impatience that I feel here: MSobo surely wants to rattle the community, and they succeeded gloriously :joy:.

Now I’ll just sit back to watch this drama unfold.

<sound of crisps and the opening of a bottle 0% beer>

Welcome to the way things used to be. A live service only gets you so far, anything like how threads are handled, proper implentation of DX12 requires a complete rewrite of the engine. I’m all for it.

However, while the addition of careers and missions are welcome, I’m more interested in the core changes themselves, physics, visual effects, weather, ATC, AI traffic. I see they’ve mentioned machine learning… if this is all here and vastly improved to what we have now then I will say goodbye to my family and friends and live virtually in the cloud.

MSFS2020, and probably the next version 2024, are an amazing flight simulator for gamers. For serious home cockpit builders this is unfortunately most eye candy. Good system simulation and aerodynamics are still better with prepar3d or x-plane. With the new clear gaming direction showed for msfs2024 I don’t see this as a serious platform for the future, except if it’s base-core can be sold as a branch for the professional marked to develop further.

One very important feature for serious flight simmer and cockpit builders are the multiscreen options. In fs2020 this is still very basic and experimental. The gaming direction is of course a natural and obvious choice for Microsoft since it is all about making money for them, and they will go where the money is.

I literally laughed out loud at this.

Awesome. Can’t wait to find out more! Nothing is perfect in this world but I love the current dedication by all official parties to the flightsim to bring us the best version possible in this moment!

Yes, there are some questions but excitement prevails for me personally.


I have but one question …

Will the Isle of Man be fixed by then?