Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Announced

They didn’t limit FAQ to the marketplace.

Virtually all add-ons working in 2020 now will work in 2020. For add-ons brought in the marketplace these will auto carry over.

This means that virtually all addons will work regardless of where you brought. But if you brought them in sim, they will carry over.

But ultimately we will have to wait and see.


I’m sure this trailer isn’t the only thing Microsoft is going to communicate about MSFS 2024. There will be more. But some people immediately start playing doomsday scenarios in their head and DeMaNd aNsWeRs nOw. Bit of patience wouldn’t hurt.


You can guarantee that next weekend will have more info, giving the FS Expo event.

But what if, the program was fine at the beginning and updates (SU5, I’m looking at you, Xbox release too) broke the program and now, they are just trying to fix it ?

I was happy with the first release and if I wanted more studylevel airplane or scenery, like in FSX, I would have pay or rely on free 3rd party dev instead of having free broken update and premium deluxe airplane that were unflyable.
Don’t we remember that several 3rd party devs had to wait the next update before releasing a product because the update broke their product. People got short memory here.
The guys are talking about free update, yet, some airport are missing from fs2020 and they were in FSX. How can this be possible ? Just look at Incheon airport ? It’s an international airport, a major one in Asia an it still missing one runway. Will they fix it. I think never in fs2020.
Bref, the whole story about free update is fixing a sim that came way too early looking at his pretention.

I’m not against a new sim and paying for it, but don’t advertise that you are un understaffed studio to work on fs2020 and trying your best to fix it and in the same time, working on a brand new one called fs2024.

To me, fs2020 is actually the sandbox for 2024. Ok, no problem but this early announcement means we don’t need to put more money in fs2020, we need to enjoy it until the new one come out.
Asobo should save their energy for the new one and fix in it all the broken part of fs2020 instead of trying to fix a badly update simulator and make a new one in the same time.

But, can they really announce something like that without loosing simmers before 2024 ? I don’t think so.

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Yes, I quite agree. I’m sitting down with my box of popcorn and having a good laugh. Some need to take a chill pill. I have been flying flight sims on various computers since 1985.


See, you also do the funny thing I was refering to.

The FAQ says:

There is no indication whatsoever that any addon from outside Marketplace will work.
They only confirm for default and marketplace content.

Of course i am pretty sure that external addons will work, but as it stands now, we have absokutely no confirmation. We are still left alone to speculate, even about so fundamental basics like this, while we have to wait for clarification on this and many more things.

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There is no indication of the contrary either, so…

In fact, that strongly suggests that the SDK and public APIs remain backwards compatible, and that applies then of course both to in-game marketplace and externally purchased items.

It‘s all about the SDK and stable APIs. Or put differently: yes, we probably can expect some „hiccups“, but surely not worse than what we have already experienced every then and when in the past with „ordinary“ simulation updates.

Sure, the location of the Community etc. folder may change, so certain „installers“ may initially stumble over this (those that do not let you manually choose the location, that is). But nothing that couldn‘t be fixed with little effort.

Business as usual.

And other developers such as PMDG and Fenix have assessed the situation in the same manner.

So stay calm and watch and enjoy what is there to come :slight_smile:

Happy flying!


I think most of us would agree with you on this


Guessing you prefer the salty type :rofl:


You have managed, with your announcement, to take the joy and passion out of this hobby for me. I am done with flight simulation. :disappointed_relieved:


Load/Save doesn’t work on XBOX Series X. Pause game doesn’t work, fuel consumption occurs and aircraft has all kind of problems after resume from ALL type of pauses.

So on your PC you can save the flight and reload the game during flight without any sort of problem?! You’re the only one, maybe you have a special version from Asobo…

Maybe you have to read ALL the bugs reported on the forum before write false facts


Squirrel"s awesome video. I know him for 9 10 years, twitchtv.


Indeed. And the the ones that currently don’t work on 2020 will continue to do so with full support.


I’m on Xbox, fella. It works just fine.

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He didn’t replace the flux capacitor.

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:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: mustn’t say that it’s naughty :joy:

Given the timing of FSExpo (next weekend) and the XBox showcase event that happened to be before it, they needed to put some sort of teaser trailer out for the XBox event and are likely saving all the details for FSExpo I think.

See Schedule | FlightSimExpo 2024 where on its first day June 23rd, MSFS is scheduled from 5:00-5:20pm CDT in the “Product Announcement Seminars” section.


But is the damage already done. I just feel it’s been a bit of a fiasco. A badly handled one at that.


All publicity is good publicity
There’s actually no damage


Hi, so they release a trailer with no communication then rush a FAQ which explains upon some areas but not others, then we have to wait two weeks until we get more information?

I find that very poor, the head of development (Jorge is it?) should speak up now about the project in my opinion, he has the time to expand on the questions raised here in the forum and social media.

Thank you.