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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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This article is about the flight simulation series. For the 2020 edition, see Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 video game). For other uses, see Flight simulator (disambiguation).

Microsoft has been supporting MSFS for over 40 years. of course people will assume they meant the 2020 release when they said that

When MSFS 2024 is released the development upgrades of 2020 version will stop.
So everybody how wants an up to date sim has to go to the 2024 version.
This will be the reality.

It’s all about selling a product and earning money. :wink:

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The fact that this simulator is developing is good news. And what they showed us is great. Another thing is how it happened that it became news to everyone :). Yes, we remember that something was said there about a period of 10 years for the current simulator. But what exactly was meant by a period of 10 years? Namely simulator 2020? Or the term of work of the Asobo team? Simulator 2024 can be easily explained by this. Apparently, it really happened as a result of the development process that the changes became too significant. Perhaps this is due to the need to pay for new purchased technologies? I don’t know. But if you asked me what I would prefer - to sit on the old engine for another 6 years and switch to a new one in a year, while not losing the opportunity to use all the add-ons I would choose to switch to a new engine. But I also understand people who are unhappy with what happened. They are unhappy because there is a discrepancy between their expectations and reality. What were my expectations when I was deciding to buy FS 2020? Would I buy it, knowing that the transfer of aircraft from FSX to FS2020 will be the way it is? Would I have bought it knowing that the clouds would not be as beautiful as in the original release? Will the ground look muddy after the patches from a height of a couple of thousand feet? That night lighting will be degraded? That there will never be any NAVBLUE charts integrated on the G1000, G3000 an G5000 e.t.c. and you will have to buy third-party programs? That the ATC will not work as expected by 2023? That traffic won’t work as well as expected? That photogrammetry will sometimes spoil cities? I probably would have bought it anyway. Because it’s a great simulator. It’s just a fantastically great simulation. And, if I have the financial opportunity I buy FS2024 as well. But won’t the same thing happen to FS2024 as to FS2020? Will the clouds get worse? Earth? Photogrammetry? Night lighting? Will NavBlue charts finally integrate? Will planes and landscapes from FS2020 actually be compatible with FS2024 when they are not always compatible in FS2020? There are no answers to these questions and no one will give them. Simply because even the Sim’s creators don’t know yet. The same way did they not know at the start of FS2020 that they would have to degrade the image quality of clouds and other things.

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Maybe they did because XBox.


Source, or this isn’t true!

I have this faq for you, which is the truth, unless you imply that the faq contains lies, which is quite a bold statement in my view.

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more true?

Why would they continue upgrade 2020 version i wonder?

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Why? Because they respect the current players. Is it any different than supporting older versions of any other game for some time after the new release?
It’s also a matter of semantics what we, or they, consider ‘support’ or ‘upgrades’.
I guess that 2020 still gets world updates, because, also in MSFS, there is only One World. Just like in reality. Even that they modeled right :crazy_face:

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Conspiracy theory here. Is it possible that they have to keep 2020 reasonably current just in case 2024 turns out to be even more buggy than a bug in a bug farm.

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It’s not, but it’s rare to experience much upgrades after a new game/sim has been released.

aka weasel words


Yep more true. Some developments in the core sim will only be released in 2024 and after. Just like in any other game there are new developments that are not transferred to earlier versions. Like Vulcan only was released from XP10.50 onwards.
Why should it be different here?

Well, you may be correct about that. But thats scenery/objects. I mean upgrades to the core simulator like sim updates.

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That’s Wikipedia’s labelling. Not Microsoft’s. Not Asobo’s.

Nowhere is it officially labelled as “2020”.

The new version is labelled as “Flight Simulator 2024”, the first time the product has been officially labelled with a year in the title. All other instances are community labels.

I call it MSFS, shorthand if you will, but that isn’t right either, but it’s widely used. If anything it should be MFS.

Actually, what does it matter if it’s labelled with a number or not? If it were labeled 2020 msfs 2024 would have been announced anyway right?

It doesn’t matter, but some are clinging to that “2020” label as it bolsters the “2020 supported for 10 years” argument. Which is incorrect on two fronts.


But it’s Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge! Doubting it is equivalent to doubting the Bible for those of a religious persuasion :rofl:

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I once saw on a list of Olympic events on Wikipedia, that the top event was a word for self pleasuring. It lasted about 10 minutes before it was reverted to the 100 metres. :blush:

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I have no idea what you are referring to, but my mind is racing :wink: