Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Announced

yes MSFS 2024. oh wait its a sequel. semantics

They’ve said it’s a brand new, “standalone” sim. Standalone products aren’t updates. They can be used on their own.

Sure, or it could mean that the 2024 simply replaces the current sim. Just as you can’t buy the 40th Anniversary Edition separate from the original “Flight Simulator” release.

It’s in the FAQ as a new standalone product. I’ll dig out the link. It is not going to be an in-place upgrade to MSFS as they plan to run them concurrently, which they have stated as well. The roadmap for MSFS, and MSFS2024 will run concurrently, but for how long we don’t know.

I’m not sure why people do not or refuse to understand this…


Words such as “standalone”, and “sequel” do not lead me to infer it’s an update. The fact they plane to support this version, and the 2024 version at the same time further tells me this won’t be a simple update.

As for whether this will be a paid new version or not, it’s hard to say, but I can’t imagine it will be free.



We will continue to support Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) post the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 launch.

That’s the definite bit right there, but no real word yet on how the pricing or legacy support will work. IE, do the two sims share a common core, much like Premium Deluxe and Standard. Or are they really cleaving these off into two separate code bases. I don’t know why they’d want to divide their marketplace base like that, seems like they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

If MSFS is being held back in some way that requires a clean break with a new version, then I’m all for it. The future should be embraced, not feared.


When looking at the trailer it looks exactly same gen as current gen. Except some new features added. Well, lets see what it will be like. I think expecting to see a totally different gen/engine is a bit too much to expect. Expecting less would make us less frustrated when it is released i think. One part of me says it’s good they releasing a new standalone sim. That may mean they want to invest more resources into the flight sim i hope. “Free” updates means less people working on those “free” updates i think.

I think that’s the most telling thing.

“2024” may be marketed as a “standalone sequel”, but really it’s a paid DLC that’s just sitting on top of the same code base as 2020, and both are recieving the same internal updates going forward… because they’re not really two separate games.

I’d gladly pay for a major overhaul of Flight Simulator. The UI and underlying engine need it. But hell, I’m going to pay for it if it’s just a DLC money grab slapped on top of an incremental upgrade too.

I think It is reasonable to expect that they will have a well-thought-out plan for the release of MSFS2024 and support of MSFS2020 in due time.

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Totally agree. Especially when they mention it as a standalone title i would expect more than a DLC package.

Now I’m confused…

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It was licensed to them for non-entertainment purposes. Microsoft still owns the rights to and has control over the entire source code.

Flight Simulator (2020) is indeed based off the FSX source. Major sections of the sim were rewritten or revamped, but much of the original code is still used in the sim. Just one small example: the “BGL” scenery format is still used, a format going back to the 1980s, of course with many changes since then. But we’re still using the ground physics from FSX, which is one of the major complaints currently.


Myself I I think yep money not customers.

They are saying no payment for sim updates. 2024 is not a sim update but an entirely new sim.

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Why do some people accuse others of lying when they are telling falsehoods, see above video fragment, (isn’t that also lying?) themselves….

You can do this editing a XML file

Unless you’re on game pass, in which case it’s not costing you any extra. Or anything at all, in fact