Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on sales and discounts

Could always get the P-38 for those times when you want to fly a warbird but don’t want to swap out the yoke…


I grabbed the FFox Complete as well as the Wilga on this sale. Both very fun after a couple of flights each. Haven’t done much bush flying (mostly tubeliners, bizjets, and misc GA), but happy to add another sub-hobby to FS2020.

If only the Connie was on there I might be tempted to try that one. I’m not a big airliner pilot, but I love old planes. I did buy the Wildcat. (but from Got Friends website in case there’s a guns/bombs issue). Very nice plane! $10 for a really well done warbird, well, you just can’t pass it up!

The wildcat makes you work for it. It’s like the 172 of warbirds, never quite enough… The tailhook and cat launch are genius for landing the Lexington. Takes a lot of practice to taxi.

The (Freedom) Kitfox took a bit of patience to get the view right(I always use custom camera 1 for my default and never use the standard view). Once you get used to the tundra tires stance it’s got lots of character like the double ender. Stall dynamics are excellent, probably the best hammerhead of any plane. Flops over and wags as it gets back on step.

I am away from my sim PC this week. Is there another way for me buy from the Marketplace?


Hahaha! I did that with the BAE 146. Bought it on the Marketplace when it went on sale. Forgot I had it and bought it from Just Flight when they had it on sale. They were kind enough to give me a full refund.

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I think is the best aggregator. You can filter by category and subcactegory, and it especially shines once you’ve bought things. A quick check of ‘My Downloads’ filtered by ‘Update Available’ shows me everything I’ve purchased with an available update. Grab the update and it disappears from the list. Only the Marketplace makes that (almost) as easy.

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There is a moral in that story I feel :rofl:

…fly your blooming planes that you buy! :smiley:

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Or make a list! :wink:

That’s what I do, yup! How did you know!
I have a few on there at the moment that I must not forget to fly again soon hehehe

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Heh took me all of two months to comprehensively evaluate and fly everything I have to make sure I didn’t forget something about something. Some of them had been shunned before they had been updated or I changed peripherals and the way I had evolved settings over time. Then another round on a few after I went PC brought mods to what I thought was junk and resurrected a few again. Now going back through them with head tracking… The DR400 and Husky have been some neglected zeroes to heroes in particular. The Robin just got a few tweaks and I have no idea how I skipped over the Husky for so long, that was during the renaissance round of upgraded pedals and taildraggers.

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Verticalsim discounts at Simmarket…

I only really go there when I hear of something decent but it’s always a struggle to find stuff amongst the millions of liveries. I find the MP much easier to browse and find stuff. It’s one of it’s pros but generally I’m not a fan due to the cons. Not interested in seeing a list of what I already have much as I can do that by looking in my downloads so not really a benefit to me.

If I were to fly every aircraft I own I’d have forgotten everything about the first half long before I’d worked through the second (I’m sure there’s a smiley for “Of course, I’m an idiot.” but I’m to stoopid to work out which one it is).

I find’s store a bit clunky. There seems to be no proper distinction between what’s available for free and what’s available as payware.

I think that is “on purpose” since they redesigned the site. They are hoping you will accidentally put your credit card details in :slight_smile:


Ok guys & gals, come on. Wilga or Coyote? Which would you pick? And don’t you dare say both!

All three if you add the Fox!


They’re both superb. But there’s a lot more variety in the Wilga package.

That said, the correct answer is “both,” because they’re very different flying experiences and both are fun. (And I’d probably agree on the trio adding the Kitfox, but I still don’t have the apparent;lh impressive upgraded version thanks to OrbX having issues with delivering the update.)

What fun would that be?