Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on sales and discounts

That’s true. I guess I don’t often filter by that parameter. If it’s a plane (or scenery, airport, etc) I like and want, I’ll download it. The only time I consider the cost is if I think the cost is too high - and that’s tough to determine until after I bought it. (Trial period, anyone?)

The green dollar symbol in front of the product name signifies it as payware, at least that’s how I normally tell the difference.

Biggest annoyance for me is the fact you can only go back 10 pages for updated stuff - go on holiday for a week and you’ll likely miss updates that you may not see pop up again. The site just gets worse with each update…

you can subscribe to the addons you’ve downloaded and will never miss any update

very convenient

1944 Lantheuil/Creuilly LGB9 - Advanced Landing Ground B-9 is on sale for $10 over at Miltech.

Wilga 1000% The game comes with fabric bush planes. And the FFox package if you don’t have it there’s a big update on the way. “Wilga” is half a dozen planes.

Drzewiecki summer sale started at Simmarket and Orbx. Presumably the others (including the Marketplace) will follow…

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i have an issue, none of the planes that i downloaded into the community folder shows up on game.

i think because i downloaded the game on D and not C drive, also im downloaded the MS version not steam. could someone please help… please

Sorry for off-topic but this is funny looking Windows Explorer :). Everything is one the “wrong” side.

On-topic now. Free EDDF on ORBX store.
EDDF Frankfurt Main International Airport - Orbx (

Hi @Desire5514 & welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

The install location of the game & the version (Steam / MS Store) should not make a difference.

Without knowing the exact install location, it’s hard to tell you exactly what to do, but on your D: drive, look for this folder:

D:\<some folder name(s) here depending on where you installed MSFS>\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages

Within this folder you should see two folders: “Community” and “Official”

Open the Community folder and copy your aircraft folder into this folder.

For example, if the aircraft was a Cessna 152, it might have a top-level folder called “Aircraft-C152”

Within the “Aircraft-C152” folder would be a number of files & additional folders, such as various language pack files (e.g. de-DE.locPak) and folders such as “ContentInfo” and “SimObjects”

So, the complete folder path for your aircraft would be:

D:\<some folder name(s) here depending on where you installed MSFS>\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\Aircraft-C152

Hope this helps you get your flying in your new aircraft! :airplane:

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Is it substantially (worth the space) better than the one Asobo has included?

I think so. The whole new terminal construction site southside is currently missing but I don’t think that matters too much at this stage — they’ve hinted that it will be updated so this is presumably the area to which they were referring.

Hey, it’s payware quality for free — that’s rare these days so worst-case scenario is you try it, dislike it and delete it.


A recommendation: 15% discount from 12 June 2024 (09:00 CEST) until the end of 3 July 2024 (17:00 CEST) (the Promotion Period ) or while supplies last.

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 | Next Generation of Head and Eye Tracking

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I ended up buying four Marketplace Sale aircraft:

  • Fox2-Base
  • C-47 Chinook
  • DoubleEnder
  • F6F Hellcat (I already have the Wildcat)

I considered a few others (F-22 Raptor, C-160 Transall, Typhoon.)

I already have the F-18, F-14, F-35, Hawker Hunter, Rafale, F-86, and T-37 to keep my fighter fix happy. I’m waiting for the Tornado.
I’m waiting for a high-fidelity C-130.

But feel free to talk me into any of them with your glowing recommendations. :smile:

The IFE Tornado is good :wink:

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Wilga! Highly recommended.

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I’ve had that one for while, and it’s #5 in my Top 10!

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I was hoping for a sale. I guess $32 isn’t too bad.

The Transall is a brilliant aircraft… :+1:t2:


Orbx summer sale just started. Up to 50% off, they’re claiming. Not investigated yet but could be an(other) expensive week…

What really irks me about the Orbx site, though, is that you cannot filter out sale items. There are a few in the carousel but the rest you have to basically manually search for — it’s a ridiculous, counter-intuitive design!


For scenery, you can go to the map view in the orbx app and filter on discounted there. But yes, far from ideal.

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