Microsoft flight simulator does not work on this device

I am trying to download the simulator that I already bought in preorder but when I enter my store library an exclamation mark appears inside a circle and when I place the mouse on the circle I get an alert that says MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR PREMIUN DELUXE no works on this device what could it be?

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Windows.

I had the same problem with the exclamation icon showing for Premium and Premium Deluxe modules in the pre-install setup. Called tech support and after 25 minutes the rep was no help at all. Gave up on the support rep and hung up. Clicked install for the Premium Deluxe icon and it installed anyway. When finished the button in the window changed to say “PLAY”. Am just now able to do the recommended content download in my timezone, but it seems to be downloading fine. Am about 35% complete on the install. Hoping this may help for you… Good Luck!

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I appreciate your answer. I was able to download it after 12 hours of downloading, I suppose because of the congestion of the servers. once installed I started it and everything was fine for a few minutes … then it crashes and quits. I insisted like 5 times with free flights and with training flights and the same result 7 or 10 minutes and it crashes and go
es to the windows 10 desktop screen, at this moment I uninstalled it and I am re-downloading it, I am in 12 GB downloaded…I’m a little disappointed but I don’t lose hope that downloading and installing again will solve the problem … by the way I have updated windows 10, updated graphics drivers I have a cor i7 8700, 56 of RAM hard disk ssd of 1 TB and a graphic RTX2080 SUPER

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. My download completed fine, configured everything and so far runs great. My computer is not as high end as yours, but very close. Have i7 Gen 2.2, 16 GB RAM, 8 GB VRAM on a RTX 2070. Have settings at ultra and no problem maintaining 30 fps.