Microsoft flight simulator PC installation

Hello, I bought Flight simulator 2020 but I can not install the game because it crashes the download and never goes ahead. Can someone help me?

Hi @TrustierBrake39

Sorry to hear you are having issues, have you had a look at the Known Issues thread or the Zendesk Known Issues page?

Both list current issues under investigation as well as some potential workarounds.

I have not seen any posts, do not know how to solve the problem.

Links are highlighted in blue in previous post.

Seriously, don’t waste your time. You have purchased the game at a very problematic moment. (Check forums here, Steam, and avsim) MS is planning to release news on a patch this Thursday, but till then, there’s a good chance you are about to waste hours of your time troubleshooting what seems to be a built-in bug. Late last week MS posted a survey about this issue, and closed it as they clearly got the info they needed, and so it’s kinda funny you’re not given the information about the upcoming patch, and instead told to try and solve the problem yourself. Unless MS is paying you for your time, shelve the sim till the patch comes.

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