Microsoft is discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality WMR


I just checked and Amazon is sold out, at least in the U.S. As for being legally responsible, that’s not how it works. Unless you’re trying to suggest that somehow HP is responsible for what Microsoft does with their own software or should, which doesn’t make any sense.

I am not a legal expert, so I thank you for explaining how this works.
However, maintaining market trust is a very different thing from being legally unassailable, and a company’s reputation is greatly affected by how it behaves in cases like this. That is why I think it would be important for HP to try to help its unhappy customers, maybe just showing some interest to find an alternative solution. We cannot drop Microsoft for MSFS, but there are many vendors to choose from for hardware.
I remain of the opinion that currently advertising the G2 without mentioning the impending obsolescence could be a challengeable action. If this does not happen is only because we all have better ways to spend our time.

Interesting, on what legal grounds did you form the opinion that this is challengeable action?

I don’t know what country you are in. However, know that in most advanced countries there are laws that protect consumers from misleading advertising.
You can complain if you feel a business has misled you about a product or service. In this case omitting that the product is going to stop working due to a decision of another company that the seller cannot claim not to already know at the time of sale.

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The question is, are they actually still advertising it? It looks like you posted a screenshot of the HP website listing, but it’s common to leave up those types of pages for archival and research purposes long after a product has been removed from active distribution. Where’s the commercials, magazine ads, email promos, etc. indicating it’s still in active distribution? A perpetual sold out listing and product info page are not it.

In my screenshot there is a dot that says “buy”. If I click there they ask me for my credit card details and proceed with the purchase. It doesn’t seem like a leftover yet to be managed, however let’s keep the doubt. I wish HP had for its customers just a fraction of the interest we are showing in protecting its image.

Copy that. Why not go ahead and file a complaint with the agencies of your advanced country and let us know the outcome?

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Mind posting the link to that specific site? Here’s the U.S. store link, which has been out of stock since this issue popped up and doesn’t allow you to even try to buy it.

Forgive me if this has been discussed, but something dawned on me recently:

WMR is currently part of Windows, and consequently there’s nothing to download or install when connecting a G2 or other WMR headest.

We know that MS are removing WMR from Windows, but is there any reason why they couldn’t make it available as a separate download?

If they decided to remove it it’s because they no longer plan to maintain it, so probably it won’t be anymore compatible with Windows 11 24H2, at least for plain VR, as thy probably still are going to maintain it for HoloLens, mostly for the business users.

It is quite awful to give companies that much leeway. It assumes that all costumers can and will be perfectly informed, which most are not. That is why we got buyers protection.

Right on! That’s why I always do my homework so I don’t embarrass myself with the wrong costume at the Halloween party. :grin:


IMHO WMR never caught on commercially, so I understand the MS decision to jettison it from windows. Yes this sucks, but that’s life in a free market economy. Anyways at least there is a back door to keep WMR alive until 2026. Simply turn off “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” in Windows Update, and then for two years ignore installing 24h2. Not sure about doing this and having it work? This article may alleviate your concerns:

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My point still stands. That is why EU got a lot of protection.

This really turned into quite the thread. Do I get some kind of prize…?

I can report that my Quest 3 continues to be fantastic using Virtual Desktop. IMHO it kills the Crystal and G2 (both of which I have owned), with a blend of usability, lens quality, tracking etc etc. it took me about 2 weeks to dial it in but I really love it now. Highly recommend, especially if you can also grab a decent 6e router to use as a dedicated wifi network for the headset.


They don’t cover stuff like this. How is that not obvious by looking around? When you buy an Xbox, is there some guarantee it’ll work with all future games? When you buy a car, are they guranteeing you’ll have gas forever? How about when you buy a boat, are they guaranteeing you a truck to take it to the lake so you can use it?

No, the ability to use what you buy is entirely up to you.

I mean, either way, we can all agree that Microsoft sucks.

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For dropping support of a product? Nah. It sucks, but it happens. Lots of companies do it.

I admit I might be bothered if I’d bought a product that was going obsolete, but not the G2. It’ll keep working until past the time I’d be ready for a new one. But that’s also why I got the most popular item… It’s already niche, why corner yourself even more by getting a smaller part of the niche?


No just generally they suck. They are an objectively terrible company. Windows and all associated software is a total mess.

I got sucked into WMR way back in late 2017 with a Dell Headset. Worst thing I ever did and when I finally dumped this for a Rift CV1 ~5 months later, I really started to enjoy PCVR. Sooo glad WMR is finally RIP, lol!