Microsoft is discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality WMR


As a general rule it’s worked fine for me. O.o I’ll admit to being a bit biased as I had family there for many years, but realistically… yea, Windows works fine. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be the most popular OS - esp considering there’s free options.

I can agree with you in general. But don’t be so pessimistic. In my country there is just these days a case of some rich business people accused of making false promises to the public. Within a couple of months, they ended up in the dust, everyone calling them thieves, with a hundred lawsuits to support, even their family destroyed. And the case also inspired an update of existing laws to prevent a repeat. I don’t mention the details because I even feel sorry for them.

Can you tell us what country this is happening in?
I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the chance of this happening to Microsoft over deprecating WMR or HP over still selling the G2 is exactly and precisely zero.


Are you insinuating that HP made false promises? If so, what are they and where is the evidence?

The country is Italy, but that is a detail out of place in the context of this forum. And I agree with you about Microsoft. Domestic laws are strong in their domestic environment, but managing globalization is a different thing. And to be clear, I also don’t think destroying a company is a good thing. It also means destroying jobs, careers and knowledge, which are our wealth. My outburst, as a disappointed consumer, has nothing to do with that.

Absolutely not, please review the texts as a whole, otherwise you draw incorrect conclusions.

You brought up the example. If, as you now indicate, that wasn’t trying to say HP was making false promises, then you should have made that clear in that earlier post. The conclusion I drew was based on the context you presented.

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I gave an example explicitly related to encouragement not to be so pessimistic about laws.
Anyway, thank you for confirming that now what I meant is understood.

Actually, those details are very important so we can all evaluate whether your example is applicable in any way to the conversation about WMR, Microsoft and HP. Otherwise, your post is equivalent to stating:

“Yeah, it’s possible because SOMEONE I know did SOMETHING and then lost their business!”.

It’s just not constructive to the conversation without the facts and details, you see?

To be clear to those close to HP’s interests, I have already said that this example refers to not being pessimistic and having faith in the law. There is no applicable example here.

I thought it would be easy to trace back to the cited example with a simple google.
Anyway if the NYTimes is okay with you, I am putting a link in commas to avoid the link being extended here with images and content that have nothing to do with MSFS. I hope it works.

I made the mistake of subscribing to Windows Insider releases and was on the Dev channel. I’ve been subscribed for over a year. WMR is no longer supported by this version of windows and the only way to go back is a clean install.

I’ve been using a Samsung Odyssey + headset.

Now considering a headset upgrade that isn’t dependent on WMR.

A slight monopoly there……I think anti-trust might play JUST a small part.

That already happened. The US Government dropped it I believe.

Had all of them too but I can’t quite see how the Quest 3 kills the Crystal, at least for clarity. Although the Crystal does require some patience and modding unless one is lucky to have the same facial structure as its designer(s). I was not that lucky. :sweat_smile:

Where the Quest 3 shines is in how forgiving of positioning it is compared to everything else. The Crystal has to have a perfect fit to get locked in. But then on the Quest 3 you give up resolution, around 10% of GPU resources for compression, and having PCVR be an afterthought of the product’s design.

Can you please clarify what you mean by “already happened”? The problem of devices suggested a short time ago by Microsoft and then not working because of Microsoft’s changes has yet to begin. Now we are just at the stage where someone is trying to prepare customers so as to mitigate a possible reaction (…be happy because there are better solutions … don’t complain about the money you spent because your device would become obsolete anyway … Be happy, there is a new device that, if you just change the router to 6, allows you to walk around while piloting, just buy a bigger gpu because 10% of its power is lost in data compression …).
Actually the G2 phase out will begin the day after consumers realize that their G2 no longer works. A portion of them, perhaps hundreds or thousands, will contact HP support. Many of the devices will be under warranty, and HP support will also have to explain why they will not be eligible for a refund. I imagine someone in HP’s legal Department is working to prepare for this situation. And it will be difficult to convince Sales to give up their volume targets and not try to sell the remaining stock, either directly or by using subsidiaries or third-party companies.

The Government already started a huge anti trust lawsuit but ended up dropping it after MS agreed to business changes.

In my humble opinion, you are blowing this way out of proportion. I believe that nothing is going to happen, no lawsuits will prevail, HP’s stock will not drop because of this and if you want to minimize negativity affecting your own life, just move on and let his thing go.


Fortunately, I am among those who can afford to buy a new headset right away, or maybe two or three, just to compare.
You are right, thanks for the advice, let those who cannot afford it wait a while to spare their money.

I just struggled with the Crystal. I got all the mods and they made a huge difference to the comfort to the point where that wasn’t an issue. But the software was so rubbish and I found dialling it in really hard. Of course the lenses were like nothing I’ve ever seen but I had other glitching and tracking issues and this weird occlusion issue where the foreground elements were floating separately from the background elements. Of course they need to move differently to portray perspective but they were somehow untethered. It may have just been my unit. But the clincher was when I tried to sort it out with the company through Discord, reddit and email I got one response and then never again. One guy admitted to me they only have 6 people on support. With the premium spend I just felt it was unacceptable to have a unit that I was experiencing difficulty with (whether or not it was my failing) and get zero support. In the end I had to return it to Amazon and wait 45 days for a refund and it was all just a rubbish experience. I suppose there’s ease of use with Q3 that means I can just enjoy flying my TBM 850 around some nameless Finnish peaks and forget about technical issues. To me that has actually out done the superior fidelity of the Crystal.
I won’t deny those Crystal lenses were out of this world though! A great vision (pun intended) of where things are headed.

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The very fabric of time and space depends on this thread and I won’t hear anything to the contrary.

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