Microsoft is discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality WMR


I hear you there!

I still enjoy my Crystal although, no matter what I do, I can’t get perfect clarity unless I push my headset to the left slightly. I tried every advanced horizontal and vertical tweak. So, if I want to read tiny text, I have to hold the headset and give it a slight shove. I really can’t understand why the software can’t adjust that.

After seeing VR Sim Guy try the Somnium VR1, I think that will take the top spot. It seems to have the Crystal’s clarity, with better lenses, powerful software that just works, and none of that Pimax Crystal/Quest 3 standalone+PCVR nonsense.

Somnium VR1 looks good, but I’d like the eye tracking could be disabled. In the first releases of MSFS the pointer was not moving following your head when you were writing something in the cockpit. But now, if you move your head, the pointer does not remain linked to your text. I solve this keeping my head stable while writing, and if necessary looking around moving only my eyes. I remember that people asked the developers to go back.

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Do you need to type while flying in MSFS? What do you type? How - blindly with the physical keyboard?

I’m also looking for options to replace my Reverb G2 at some point. Crystal is too heavy and beta at best. Quest 3 is out of the question for me (Meta). Plain PCVR with DisplayPort and superior optics. I was about to pull the trigger on a Bigscreen Beyond though reviews vary a lot. It’s the same with the Somnium VR1, it has all the specs and the passthrough / mixed reality feature is perfect for cockpit builders but the Crystal looked good on paper too. Gonna have to wait when the final units are reviewedd. VR Flight Sim Guy loved them in their very recent video, but other VR channels (MRTV, …) weren’t so impressed with what they saw around three months ago. Don’t forget those SteamVR base stations will add to the already hefty price tag.

For example in any Airbus I use the MCDU (Multi-Function Control and Display Unit). For example I click on the keyboard of the MCDU the ICAO departure/ICAO arrival to initialize the flight plan. Or a new waypoint in direct. Or I need to change a STAR at arrival. …

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Muscle memory and peaking through the itty bitty gap around my nose

So you type in VR with mouse on MCDU? I have zero problems with operating anything in the cockpit with the mouse, but I don’t fly Airbus, I operate only simple avionics in GA planes.

Did you actually try Crystal? I use it several months already and it works perfectly, completely different league vs. Reverb G2 which I used before.

Friend of mine has one. I found it too bulky and not of the highest build quality. Software is a constant tweak. Maybe the rumored Crystal Core, a pure PCVR w/o any standalone nonsense. If that would be an around 1000€ I’d consider it. Otherwise waiting to see what the Somnium VR1 will be like.

Exactly. Anyway you have the same with any command. For example you are changing altitude rotating the knob using the wheel of the mouse, meanwhile you need to check if the indicator on the AP is changing accordingly, you look at the AP and the mouse pointer moves and stops rotating the knob.

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I solved this by building DIY panel with dual rotary encoders, switches and knobs. If DIY is not your thing you may try MIDI devices like Behringer X-touch mini or Novation Launchpad.
I barely need to touch mouse in VR.
It works well in VR with a little bit of muscle memory.

Well, as a consequence, I won’t ever buy from the Windows Store again. That means MSFS 2024 will be bought via Steam even if I have to buy a couple add-ons again. I made the mistake of buying MSFS 2020 from the Windows Store.

You aren’t doing Q3 cos they are evil? Microsoft isn’t much better……just saying.

Yeh I use a Loupedeck which has 6 knobs and 6 pages, so 36 knobs in all. Each page also has 12 (I think) buttons). I program it with SPAD Next. Takes a little while but it means I don’t have to touch the mouse. I use it in flat screen too cos it is so much better to use knobs than trying to roll the mouse on knobs.

I tried it and it was a clumsy, buggy lump with beautiful lenses. The tracking was terrible and the company had zero support. Awful experience. Q3 for the win.

WMR won’t be supported in Windows 11 24H2 (expected this fall) no matter if you buy MSFS from Windows Store or Steam.
You can reject the Windows 11 upgrade and continue using WMR and G2.

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I have zero problems with Crystal inside out default tracking in MSFS.

Interesting solution. I tell you mine, maybe someone wants to try:
I have a Razer Tartarus under my left hand. It has about 20 programmable buttons, plus some other thing. Even blind you rest your hand on it and find everything. You need to organize a scheme that you can easily remember. For example in the first row I have numbers 1 to 5, 6 to 0 with a modifier. With this I always have a ready answer to ATC. Bottom row is dedicated to AP. For example dial HDG, decreasing or increasing with the modifier. MSFS does not recognize Razer Tartarus, but you can simply program it as it were the keyboard. No need of any additional sw. I am using this also for other games, and it is automatically reconfigured by means of a link to the exe (apart MSFS … ).
There are two reasons why sometimes I prefer to use the mouse on the cockpit:

  1. Using a keyboard is less immersive, you could command the plane without knowing where the real commands are on the cockpit
  2. In some planes the default commands are not working (this applies to any solution)
    I add the bug never solved in MSFS and coming from a bad copy of FSX: the command to dial the HDG works only decreasing. In the other verse, if you keep it pushed more than some seconds, MSFS stops recognizing any other command and you have to switch your PC off to exit an infinite loop.

I never use the keyboard for anything. The Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo and TPM rudder pedals, my Loupedeck and Track IR and a bit of mouse here and there from time to time. That’s everything covered. I’d like to completely get away from the mouse but I don’t have the cash to build a life sized cockpit!

That’s not the point. I won’t upgrade to Windows 11 24H2 for as long as I keep on using the Reverb G2. I’m just saying that I’ll buy MSFS 2024 via Steam and not the Windows Store. That’s about all I can do to show my discontent with Microsoft’s decision. I vote with my wallet :slight_smile:

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