Microsoft log in issue when launching sim. PC and xbox

When launching the Flight Simulator on pc I get a box stating,
We couldn’t sign you in to Xbox Live (0x80004005)
I click OK. then get taken to “Press any button to Start”
After pressing any button I’m returned to Sign in “let’s get you signed in”
I select my Microsoft account, click continue only to be returned to
We couldn’t sign you in to Xbox Live (0x80004005).
I eventually end up using the task manager to close the program.

When I attempt to download the Flight Simulator from the store to my xbox/s
I select “Manage you own this” only to read “Check back in a little bit…We’re having trouble getting your stuff right now”.

Please help… I’m not really interested in downloading to xbox but would really like to get the sim up and flying on the PC. Thanks

I had this happen with another Game Pass title, not sure if you are running through Game Pass but all I did was restart my computer. It then let me log in. I got the same error code though.

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