Microsoft Store Update (Gaming Services) Endless Failed Update Loop


I have attampted to launch the MSFS earlier today, instead of the sim, Microsoft Store runs. Microsoft Store wants to update the Gaming Apps, yet each update fails with 0x8007139F error.

Has anyone else experienced it recently?

I have tried all the solutions available in the web (unfortunately, nothing helped)

I have been fighting with this issue over the last few days…tried everything with no luck until I installed the latest windows update directly from the microsoft web site (May update) that seems to have solved my microsoft store issues and I can play the sim again…hope this helps you!

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Hi! Thanks, I am downloading the updates. So far, I have formatted the drive with FS, unfortunately it did not help.

Update: It did not help, “Error” :slight_smile:
Update2: It seems that edition of registry helped:

I have this problem, can’t get to MSFS, it goes to the store , fails updating game services…

DEAD on a holiday when I have time to fly . HELP

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I have not been able to get past that screen in 3 days, I am using a PC. I have tried everything and reported is 3 times. Now the error is like 0x00000 or similar.
Very frustrating!

There is a solution here:Unable to launch FS2020 ---> Store
for me it worked … courage to you

Finally solved this with help from the Microsoft Store.

Deleted the Registry entries for GamingServices and GamingServices.Net
with Regedit under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SYSTEM->CurrentControlSet->Services

then REBOOTED and back to windows store and 3-dot menu (…) and reinstalled gaming services succeeded and now (after nearly a week) I’m flying again.

I am completely frustrated with the same problem. MS makes it impossible to use the program because all updates are mandatory, and when they fail (like this one), you are done flying. I have tried numerous solutions, even one suggested on the MS site, but nothing works so far.

The registry fix described fixed the problem for me.

Yep, I Agree… Unfortunately for me one of the “fixes” completed annihilated my cpu… hoping my local pc guy can bring my almost new desktop back to life… I’m sure there are people here who are honestly trying to help solve this issue but be careful when taking any advice in a forum… just my two cents