Miles High Club - Stealth Afghanistan Evacuation Mission

Afghanistan mission.PLN (4.8 KB)

In game settings:
Server - South East Asia
All players
Live weather - (optional)
Live time - (optional)
Suggested Rotor/Aircraft - H135,H145 or anything you like that has an average cruise speed of 100-160kts.
Suggested Livery - Stealth black or camo.
Links for suggested livery & scenery addons available for mission in ‘Miles High Club’ discord server.

Join the ‘Miles High Club’ for future events, with in-game chat, live video streaming & more on discord using the link below:

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Setup C-17, Kubhal, AFG. Flew from there to Mumbhi, India. From there to Coloumbo, Sri Lanka. Trying to figure next leg. Flew this in FSX, because MSFS-2020 dont work on my PC. FSX Works fine.

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