Military Airspaces & TOP GUN activities...etc

When flight planning, avoiding Military Airspaces is pretty important. At least in the real-world.

MSFS at the moment is very kind and does not reprimand pilots for encroaching.

I have laughed myself silly when community ideas have included the chances of being shot down as a penalty for not paying attention. It’s not real after all and what better way to stress the point? lol ohmysides.
A non-lethal warning and a negative mark on a Pilot’s Log seems a nicer alternative.

Those looking forward to TOP GUN activities are wondering if they will be allowed to have active weapon systems inside of Military Airspace.

What should happen if a non-military pilot in MSFS has not learned to plan correctly and encroaches a Military Airspace where TOP GUN activities are allowed? ohmysides.

What If I and others want to be the fodder for our Top Gun friends and want to enter an active military airspace?

There seems proper ways to use MSFS for the education and benefit of all.

“Well I tell them there’s no problem. Only solution.” - John Lennon

You’re not prohibited from flying through active MOAs you just need to use extreme caution. You maybe be thinking of restricted or TFR.

Most MOAs are only active occasionally and IFR traffic is cleared through, VFR traffic is also perfectly allowed through. Cool concept, but probably not going to be implemented. The TFR over DC would cause some problems, unless flying IFR.

Maybe on the ATC side something could be implemented… Warning about active TFR ahead to a VFR pilot without clearance.

I’m live near DC and they have sent F16 after small Aircraft who supposedly got lost over DC no fly zone. The jets had to fly in circles to stay with the slower aircraft.

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