Miltplayer aircraft types

I need help. In multiplayer mode, all online pilots have almost the same aircraft type. Concorde, H145 helicopter, F18 also appears as default aircraft. How do I set it up to see the different types? I tried several settings but it didn’t get any better.

Hello @hhelikopter4891,

You can increase the number of different aircraft types that appear in multiplayer mode by changing the “Traffic Variety” setting as shown in the screenshot below. Please be aware that increasing this setting will use more of your RAM and will reduce your performance.

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Is that a setting for PC only? I can’t find it on Xbox.

If you haven’t installed the Concorde or H145, they will show as default aircraft. You will only see models you have installed locally.

In case of the F18, it’s most likely the setting “Use generic plane models (multiplayer)” as shown in Seedy’s screenshot.

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