Milviz 80-R-72 WIP Previews

Wow, absolutely cannot wait for the -500! What a nice surprise. The -600 is great too!

Can’t wait for the Milviz ATR.

Will the doors be able to opened?

I also cannot wait for this. Never purchased / flown a Milviz aircraft before until I picked up the excellent Turbo Porter.

Will definitely be picking this one up!

Well, that’s sort of what I mean.
But I think lots of people buy aircraft to simply own that type of aircraft, not, because they really need the system depth to enjoy.
This means that lots of casual gamers will buy the Milviz version, when it is released before Asobo‘s.
That‘s all.

So, though there’s a different target group for Milviz, it will have its share.


Well the difference between Asobo and 3rd party developers like Milviz is quite simple - the target group of customers. Asobo offers cheap aircraft with stunning 3d modeling and low system depth. People who just fly from A to B will be happy with their products. Most of the other dev teams (yes there are some negative examples out there) are aiming for more than that for a higher price. In the end the customer has to decide what suits him best.

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I could argue that most payware aircrafts available right now for MSFS are at or bellow default aircraft quality.


In terms of G/A probably yes - Asobo is doing a great job there. But the default airliners are pretty bad and therefore we have teams like Milviz who bring us what we want :wink:

Even in the GA category I’m not sure I’d agree - the stock planes are pretty, but without modding they mostly suffer when it comes to the actual flying.

I can hardly wait for the release of the ATR-42 500. I’ve been looking forward to getting this aircraft for a long time now. Any new updates?

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Work goes on. The RL pilots are helping us out in a big way.


I’m not aware of any ATR 42-500?

After the 600, the 500


At first, I was not very interested, as the Asobo aircraft was announced before.
But, when comparing the Asobo PC6 Porter with Milviz, I really look forward to seeing the Milviz version of the ATR

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It was my understanding that the 500 was also in development. I really enjoyed flying it in P3D.

Milviz rocks :facepunch:t4::sunglasses:. The PC6 is one of my favorite aircraft in the sim.

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Thank you for the update :facepunch:t4::sunglasses: looking forward to it.

I cannot wait for the ATR. This is the biggest civil aviation gap in the sim now: turboprop regional airliners. There aren’t any. A lot of the routes I’d like to fly (especially in Australia) just aren’t appropriate for a CRJ-sized jet.

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Do you intend to release it on Xbox too?


Yes, I think the #1 most requested aircraft on the forums when the game first launched was the Dash 8 Q400.

Seen their PC6 in video reviews and it looks good.
I want a 2 engines, turboprop medium sized plane since i bought msfs, there isn’t any yet.

I will buy this one when it is out.
Hope there will be documentation from procedures up to performances pages.

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