Milviz C310R Official Thread

I had this aircraft in FSX and it was one of my favorites.
It was torque city on takeoff so you had to gently apply power.
It was a fun little twin to fly that sounded great. The only negative was the fuel pump was noisy but I read it was modeled that way to reflect the real aircraft, however I did edit the sound file some to my taste.
Other than that, you will love her, and night cockpit was backlit so it was beautiful. Oh, and I will be repurchasing for MSFS :slight_smile:

I am only “flying” the pa28´s serial from Just Flight and the G36 turbo recently upgraded to V4.1 and modded by the legendary Robert Young ( BonanzaTurbo V4.1 hotfix released - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community ). I’m waiting for a good twin and this C310R will be 100% my next purchase! I can’t wait to try it out, I’m sure it’s a great job!

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The pump sound will be tamed. The aux pumps have two on states, low and high (their function is very different) the low sound will be barely audible the high a bit more detectable.


Looks stunning

Good to hear that. Thanks for the reply.

Can’t wait! This is my go to plane in X-plane, but MSFS has spoiled me for VFR and will buy this instantly!

Interesting. IRL there is not alot of torque on takeoff in a 310. She actually rolls pretty straight and easy down the runway…

I’ve checked our p3d version and there’s very little torque with both engines running in all Flight regimes… where it does have a ton of torque is the one engine out profile…


Noisey or not. Just the sound you would hear in the real plane. It’s all about realism, good or bad.

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Do you have the MIlviz 310 for X-Plane? I wanted to pick it up but heard it had issues. Is it working well for you? I know Milviz got a bit fed up with X-Plane users and I was concerned it wasn’t being supported that well. I’ve had a few of his planes in FSX, and loved them. I also met Colin and really liked his attitude. Bummer he didn’t have much success with X-Plane. I’ll pick up the 310 for FS as soon as I hear it’s working well. I used to fly one IRL and can’t wait to check it out.

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I do have their 310 for X-plane 11. I haven’t come across anything that I can think of that doesn’t work, besides the pilot some times! lol I really enjoy it! Between that and the Turbo Commander, I hardly fly anything else in Xplane. I’m jealous you flew a real 310! :wink: I have their Pilatus Porter in MSFS and can’t wait for the 310, based off of the quality of that plane.


Looks stunning, I hope it will have support for PSM5 GTN-750.


Thanks I’ll have to look into the 310 for x-plane again. But I’ll most likely buy it for FS if it’s a good one.

Now this looks great. MSFS needs more higher-fidelity twins (the EMB doesn’t count right now). If it has support for the GTN750, I am all in. If not, I would probably buy it anyway for the function/performance. Their Porter is also fun to fly.

You’ll have a choice between 1) old-school no-GPS navigation, 2) the 530/430 combo or 3) a GTN750/650 pair.


This is the best news I’ve heard for a while. I work in a hospital and its been a nightmare for the last 2 years. Flight simulation is my escape from hell.


My only real questions is not “Will I get this plane,” but “Will I get it in time for the Christmas holidays.”

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And hopefully, this year?

We’re working some nights and weekends to get the 310R ready. But I can’t predict when. We’d love to see it released before the end of this year. That’s been our goal. But it’s not ready until it’s ready … the one thing we won’t do is rush it out the door with known bugs to meet a deadline.

It’s getting closer every day.


Robin, the reason that people are restive is purely that the expectations for this one are so high and I know that we won’t be disappointed, so take your time. It will be a cracking machine and of a class so poorly represented in the sim at present. I am sure that others will join me in wishing you well on this one along with a very Happy Christmas to you all.

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