Milviz C310R Official Thread

Any indication when the update might come to ORBX?

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Once the bugs that were discovered from the release on our website are corrected, we will do a round of testing, then send it to ORBX and the marketplace.


Is it a bug with my install or are the mag switches mislabeled?

The left two control the left mags and the right two control the right engine. They are marked LRLR in the cockpit though?

Also what is with the 8 font on the altimeter it looks like a kid with crayons drew it?

Great plane otherwise.

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As viewed from left to right:

Left engine, left mag (L)
Left engine, right mag (R)
Right engine, left mag (L)
Right engine, right mag (R)

It should be labeled “left engine” and “right engine” beneath the respective pairs of switches.


Having a problem with my 310R. Was flying last night, the attitude indicator failed (and the autopilot correctly wigged out!)

Today, reloaded it, go to the maintenance page, everything’s 100% green except the cylinders. They’re blank, not even red. If I click on the repair icon, it just says “Working” and does nothing else, no matter how long I leave it. Same thing if I click the “Overhaul”

And, of course, the plane won’t start now. Fuel tanks on, cowl flaps open, mix and prop full, throttles cracked, mags on, primer on, hit the start switch like I always do, and nothing happens. Even verified all circuit breakers are in. I have over 60 hours in this plane, I don’t think it’s me.

Help! Is there a way to reset the engine wear? Thanks.

Geez, never mind. I guess all it took to fix it was posting here. Nothing worked, but after posting I went and looked again, and it was done with the overhaul, both cylinder sets green, and it starts! Yay!


'Tis the way of life.
Glad you found the correct solution, lol :smiley:

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It’s been quite a while since flying the BB 310 but I seem to be having trouble with the autopilot.

When using the GTN750 cockpit and trying to get the autopilot to follow the CDI in NAV mode, the deflection bar glitches all over the place, and the KAP140 AP doesn’t turn to follow direct to’s or intercept tracks like it used to. (I’ve made sure I downloaded both the latest and greatest ‘pms50-gtn750wtt-aircraft-milviz-cessna310’ and ‘pms50-instrument-gtn750’)

When attempting to fly an RNAV approach, the vertical deviation indicator on the GTN750 flashes on and off the screen and the APP mode is unable to be armed and the aircraft just seems to level off.

Any ideas on the cause of this issue? Both modes used to work beautifully!

Sounds like a conflict with something else but no idea what.

Are you using Honeycomb hardware?

I am…is that a problem?

Negative, just the same old Logitech logitech extreme 3d pro I’ve had since day one. No new hardware other than a recent video card upgrade.

The likely cause is competing software - either WT stuff that come with the game (especially older deprecated ones), the other 750 mod, one of the “compatibility” mods, or mods for stuff like the 530 that can interfere.

A lot of MFD/PFD/GPS addons do not play nicely together.

Only if you didn’t start with a clean profile or leave the AP knob in the wrong spot.

Just curious what is the current status with the update? I have not downloaded it (PC) because it sounded like new issues were uncovered. Is it ok for me to update my install, or should I stick with my older version for now?

Our testers are looking over the SP3 version right now. Barring any unforeseen bugs, it will be be available to our customers by next week. After that we will submit it to marketplace/orbx/etc.


Does that include a new set of views??

Yes, the views have been corrected.

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Stick with the old one. Shouldn’t be too long before the new SP3 version is released.


Can anyone help or shed light why the last update for 310R was available on the Blackbird site at the beginning of July but for purchasers from ORBX there still isn’t access to this update. Appreciate the roll out can be delayed to other resellers but 3 1/2 months seems excessive.

Are purchases from ORBX of Blackbird products no longer being supported?



Why the interactive Checklists are Not working ? I am click at the Checklists actions but the Copilot doesnt change anything in the Cockpit. I Must Set all by Hand. Any solutions?

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