Milviz C310R Official Thread

I wasn’t asking for support. I was simply confirming an issue that someone else had.

A simple “noted thanks” in response would have sufficed.

Not to worry. It’s done now.



Thank you guys for the feedback on our forums. It has become apparent that some hardware “bursts” commands - causing varied results. We will have a new build up today that accounts for this.


Great stuff thank you. :slight_smile: - Login new RC build is up.


SP3_v2.0.4_231101 trim is working great for me!


Great to hear - question: Do I need to delete the 310 directory in the Community folder prior to running the install?

No, use add/remove programs in windows to uninstall the old version, never delete stuff by hand.
The installer will update the files for you also, but the recommended method is always clean install.


I received the email re. the updated SP3 version but cannot download it. I’ve had 2 failed downloads - both about 70% then failed. Now I can’t get it to start a download at all. In the process I’ve burned 3 of my 10 downloads. What’s the problem with downloading? it’s using the same ‘sendowl’ method as before.

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I’m having exactly the same problem. Received an email earlier informing me of the update but I am unable to download the zip file. I too have burned 2 of my 10 download allocation.

Same, same. Also used two before deciding to hold off for the time being.

Failed download here as well…

Download all ok here, Germany.

Can’t download here. Clicked on the download button several times but no download was initiated.

Hoping to God each click doesn’t count as one download used….

Same here. Clicked download, no visual confirmation of download beginning, and no file in my Download Folder. Have tried several times.

We’re aware. Working on a fix,


Hey guys, we changed the source for the link (its the same URL), so the problem should be resolved. You should be able to download it now from the same link that was sent. Let me know if it works please!


Downloaded & installed OK, thanks.


Now downloaded and installed, thanks for fixing the problem.


I’m not fond of the green/brown scheme for the “custom reg” variant, so I copied the C-GTER texture folder and gave it the correct name, then opened the rear fuselage sheet in Gimp and masked over the reg with a sample of the surrounding blue. Now I have a nice scheme in blue that I can use with my preferred N721TC registration.


I’ve only had this plane for a couple of days, but before I took to the skies I just had to have a go at doing a livery for it.

A work in progress. My first livery for the 310. The Sky-Pirate.