Milviz C310R Official Thread

Are you trying this while flying? Because you won’t see them move if your not flying.

While in a cruise…
Pull one (Right for a test) prop down passed the detent and the mis passed the detent. you should see the right prop eventually quit spinning and the prop will be in the feathered position.

Anyone got any advice for someone who purchased the 310R through the Marketplace and now wishes they’d purchased direct from Blackbird, due to Microsofts glacially slow release process for product updates?

I think I’m on V1.1.0 of the aircraft and I know there have been several updates since then. I’m sure that they’re all sat in a backlog somewhere waiting to go out, however it seems MS favours Captain Sim over developers of quality aircraft like Blackbird, and would rather release rubbish than support the good devs by getting updates to their customers quickly.

I’ve learnt my lesson I guess and will always purchase direct in future, however, I’m still left wondering when MS is going to push updates to the 310R through their marketplace. :confused:


It is my understanding that we were submitting it to them this week. After it goes through their qa process it should be available.

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I feel the same way. Now I know why addons on the Marketplace are a couple of bucks cheaper. In future I will pay the extra and also buy direct.
The upside of buying from the Marketplace is that we get to see reviews on the new updates prior.

How about Orbx?

My orbx install says Orbx Blackbird Simulations 310R SP3 - November 2023

I was so excited for buying the Milviz 310R for my XBox series x after doing a research, but I must say that I’m kind of disappointed for not being able to turn on the GTN750. The G530/430 work fine. I hope someone can tell me what I’m missing here.

GTN750 is an external 3rd party product and NOT available on xbox! PC only!


There are two variants of the 750 available but both are third party so they won’t work on the Xbox. You’ll have to stick with the default options on planes on the Xbox like the 430/530 you mentioned or the G1000 on those that have it.

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This is in the manual.

Thank you.

Thank you. I think it would be nice to have it explained in the description.

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Been away from the sim for a good while, without scrolling through this thread, I would just like to know if the 310 got any recent updates on Xbox?

I remember a while back that an update to fix a few things was imminent such as the power needed on approach was changed in a patch, few other things like build up of dirt on aircraft was broken, have these been patched and released to Xbox yet?


Have not seen any updates go by recently, it’s been a while perhaps?

The last update still isn’t at marketplace. I’m also waiting.


Same here. Been waiting forever

Santa has a new ride!


Well waiting on the 310, but flying the 414AW and MU-2 meanwhile. The MU-2 with the classic avionics is actually quite good/fun to fly if you enjoy classics like a twin Cessna. Will be happy to have the 310 update.

So we are still waiting for some of the fixes for the power management, such as the fix where not as much power is needed any longer on approach and I think there was a problem with dirt buildup not accumulating over time.

Thats bonkers if so, I remember them saying its been submitted to market place months ago.

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SP2 never made it to marketplace due to a number of issues with it. We sent SP3 to marketplace last week so you guys should have it soon (whenever they are done with validation).