Milviz C310R Official Thread

To be fair, it is probably not uncommon in business, industry, or institutional IT processes that simplistic changes or easy fixes quickly find their way into/out of release schedules while more interesting, complex products linger a while coming to fruition (and a marketplace). While we do not like to see so much simplistic stuff in our marketplace, we do not much like buggy or incomplete products either, however much they excite us more as more desirable! It’s just the way IT/software rolls.

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Will there be a full release at some point, rather than SP11,12,etc.

Not sure what you mean by “full release” - unless you are trying to compare this to a Windows service pack where only changed files are replaced?

Every SP is a “full release”

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However, the SP versions are not released on the Blackbird site, but rather available on the Discord site if you remember that particular account/password. If I download from the Blackbird site, is that the current SP version or something else?

The SP’s are always released to everyone after first being available on the forums as a beta.


Are they released as “SP’s” or given a new version number. In other words, if I bought it today from the Blackbird site, what version would I be buying?

Hey all, the file you can download from our site is the latest version for the 310, same with OrbX.

Marketplace update should come out soon, we’ll let you guys know when its up.


Thanks. The SP3 works brilliantly; I just couldn’t figure what the BB Site offered for download compared to the forum links. Thanks again.

Your original purchase email link will always download the latest released version (no betas) - even if you didn’t get an update email.

Got it. Thanks.

My custom 310 is almost complete. I’ve redone the cockpit and changed the seating to black leather.
I’ve just got some minor detailing to do. Though so far I’m happy with it.


Looks good.

Interestingly aircraft back in the early days often came with more natural leathers but they turned dark mahogany or black after sustained exposure to sunlight.

The 310 dates from a period where chrome leathers were being introduced that did not darken with age. No idea if black was an OEM option, though it seems unlikely due to cockpit heat issues when parked.

Of course, if an aircraft is being restored, almost any colour including black is a possibility.

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I’ve decided that as the exterior is red and chrome, I’ve opted for red and cream seating. It seems to give it that nostalgic look.


These are the black leather.


I’ve almost finished!
at the moment I’ve opted for the black leather, as I’m not happy with the red/cream at the moment. When I get it to how I like it, I will swap it over.
This was my first time at trying to do a cockpit/interior, and I’m feeling happy at the result. I’ve still got plenty more to do.


Looking really nice. Are you going to release this on Would really like to have that Livery in my Hanger :grinning:

Latest update.
Rotary switches from black to brushed aluminium, and upholstery red/cream.
Next job is to sort out ragged edges of the exterior lining.


C310R – Questions about flying in icy conditions:

When I see ice forming on the engine cowls, I know that when I turn on Prop De-ice, I can hear ice breaking away. Should I leave prop de-icing turned on, or just turn it on occasionally to check/remove more ice build-up? Should I turn on Prop De-ice before I see ice build-up, but know that I’m entering cold moisture-laden air?

I guess the same question goes for the Windshield De-ice and Pitot heat.

I’ve had good luck just turning these on when I see the ice starting to build up, but I don’t know it it’s good/proper procedure to leave these de-icing measures turned on all the time when the weather looks like it’s needed.

Any thoughts appreciated.

In the aircraft I’ve flown you would turn on your anti-ice before or upon entering icing conditions. The only exceptions were anything with inflatable boots where you would allow some ice to build to prevent “bridging” where the ice would crack, but not break off thereby making a bridge that could no longer be removed by the boots.