Milviz C310R Official Thread

I’m still waiting for the PC-6 update :roll_eyes:


Me too. I lost interest in this one some time ago.


Somewhat in contrast to the majority of posts here which have been enthusing over it’s imminent release. Sorry your not looking forward to it like most others.

Oh I wouldn’t be surprised if I buy it eventually but all the teasing and ‘leaks’ are such a tedious marketing strategy, all it’s done for me is turn me off. I much prefer the radio silence - sudden pleasant surprise approach. It’s true, I shouldn’t be reading these threads in that case but I just pop in from time to time and lately it’s been getting very annoying. I’m also wondering if the hype is building to such a crescendo that the only inevitable outcome is going to be mild disappointment.


We’ve repeatedly said Q2 for the Phase 2 Porter.

It’s actually being worked on right now. Pics incoming soon.


fantastic, this info was not known to me, thank you.

A2A’s marketing strategy for MSFS must be right up your alley…

Been waiting for their Comanche since basically 2020 and the only thing I heard about it was that they were going to do the Comanche first instead of the Aerostar as originally planned because the latter was destroyed in an accident.

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Sorry, I’m not up to date on star wars, so I’m not sure I can decipher what is being said. So, in plain English, is May 4th the release date? Can’t wait for this plane!

I’m not expecting anything from A2A. Ever. The world has moved on since they were kings anyway.


…and what exactly moved on? There is no aircraft in msfs even close to A2A.

Stay on target please. This is not a discussion thread about A2A… there’s one of those already.


May 4th is “Star Wars Day” - Why? It’s a play on words.
“May the Force be with you / May the 4th be with you”

So the implication is that May the 4th is the release date - or they will announce a release date then. Or something.


So would it be safe to say I should have funds ready to go on May the 4th…?

Any videos or more screenshots until release date?

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yeah seriously I did not expect phase 2 to take this long. I naively assumed 1-2 months tops

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“Safe” is a strong word. “Optimistically cautious” might be more in the ball park :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Screenshot 2022-04-27 113954


May 4th guys!
From the Military Visualizations Facebook page!
We will be holding a Twitch live stream next Wednesday May 4th at 1:00PM EDT to celebrate the highly anticipated RELEASE OF OUR 310! There will be TONS of surprises AND we will be giving away A FREE COPY OF OUR 310 EVERY 10 MINUTES TO OUR CHAT! Our 310 will be releasing later that day; this isn’t a livestream you want to miss!

I should add “Congrats MilViz! That has been one hec of a long journey!”


I hope I can get this beauty from marketplace next week

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Sorry but no. It won’t go on to the marketplace for at least a month. It’s takes that long to get in play there