MilViz Corsair for MSFS to be released any day now

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Milviz is releasing the Corsair for MSFS in a few days.

Their exact time estimate is:

"The Corsair is, with luck, today, tmrw, or the next day… or the day after that… or… you get the idea.

The 310 is more complex… so… we know it’s SOON… but not exactly when"


Bugger, just bought the Spitfire … Now I guess I’ll have to buy them both


Well, I had full intention of getting both anyway. :wink:

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The Merlin in that Spitfire is a sweet sound, but I need big fat radials too. Looks like I’ll be starting a Warbirds collection…

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Same here. Had already started my collection with the Ants Aircraft Tiger Moth and the Hurricane Mk.I by Just Flight. Both convert quite well including working instruments and animated levers and pedals (no real virtual cockpit though).

Knowing how that Colin guy is, he could just be trolling. Regardless this will be in instant buy for me, as long as it isn’t the absolute resource hog their P3D version is.

I’m gonna need a bigger boat…an aircraft carrier…


Is there a plane you’re not going to buy??? :wink:

(not that I blame you)

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No. :wink: :rofl:
Have 'em all. May as well keep going. Full collection (even if I won’t fly SOME of them more than a few times, but hey! At least I can say I tried them all first-hand!)

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Have to admit I’m more interested in their 310 than the Corsair but even so I’m looking forward to seeing how this looks and flies.

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The P3D version was incredible. The only drawback was it seemed to perform way worse than any other add on for me.

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My dad flew Corsairs in the South Pacific during WWII. I am so in!!


Soon (not my video)

Man, I’m just trying to figure out where I’m gonna fly this thing from first, somewhere tropical…

Edit: Yup I know where I’m flying out of now…

Keep in mind that some of these fields dont “exist” anymore. If you want to emulate this too, you may need to use coordinates. See below.

Point 1: Turtle Bay

Point 2: Henderson Airfield

Point 3: Munda

Point 4: Vella Lavella

Hopefully msfs lets me spawn in using coordinates lol. Otherwise an airspawn nearby might be necessary for some of these.


The Royal Navy trained on Corsairs on the US East Coast - Quonset Point NAS. Quonset Point exists today as a military only field IRL but is fully functional in MSFS. The UK was actually the first to deploy Corsairs successfully on carriers, the earlier Marks were just too deadly to novice US Naval Aviators, hence the nickname “Ensign Eliminator.”




April Fools’ Day…

I sure hope it’s not an April fools joke! I’m absolutely ecstatic to get my hands on this thing. I’ve had my eye on it along with the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 and Big Radials

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Looks like you can already get a jump on reading the manual.

Milviz FG-1D Corsair Manual


55MB manual. But I love the war era Posters.