Milviz PC-6 isse (Avioncs - MFD's go out)

Hello All

I de-installed the WT Garmin 1000 mod, then installed the PC-6 and now the avionics MFD’s go out maybe after 10 seconds. This happens both when C&D and when CTRL-E…

Any ideas?

Are the engine controls locked out as well?

If they are, the DRM may be triggering, so try running a “repair” install on the PC-6 (if you run the installer again, it should give you that option), restart your PC, and see if that fixes it.

Well, I could fix it only by de-installing Avira AntiVir - then install PC-6 - then re-install Avira…
But yes - it was an installation issue.

As per our manual, you must disable your AV prior to installation.


i had this issue , make sure you enter the email address you used to purchase the aircraft in the username section!!