Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter

That I cannot say, but I thought there was one who posted to this thread back when it was in prerelease.

You might also find some on the Asobo PC-6 thread or the GotGravel Discord - home of all things STOL.

those wings are looooong. And quite the adverse yaw levers.

„…I found the PC-6 easy, pleasant and accurate to fly. The control forces were light and well harmonised. The aircraft felt nimble in roll with a sustained roll rate of around 60°/s. Strong adverse yaw was exhibited with any large lateral stick input, but this was quickly corrected by the fin.

I did, however, long for an old-fashioned, big, “fluid tube” type slip ball to aid my rudder inputs and supplement the rather small “split pyramid” roll/yaw indicator in the primary display…“

based on that IRL pilot report, the sim PC-6 flight model lacks adverse yaw quite a bit…

Yes it’s not really surprising given the geometry of the aircraft.

Have you tried the SWS Kodiak? You will get vfm out of your pedals in that. And it flies very much as it should. It’s hands down my favourite aircraft in the SIM.

well, the Kodiak was my other shortlisted STOL plane to buy, but I went with the PC-6, because I’m not a fan of glass cockpits in the sim. (not seeing the point of looking at screens through a screen much) I’m trying to buy only few planes, but study those few thoroughly, that’s my biggest joy.

Now I’m disappointed because the PC-6 is just another one of those eye candy toy planes with great entertainment factor, falling painfully short in the flight realism department.
I’m a difficult case I guess, since I got the fanciest rudder panels I could get, only now to find out that they are essential IRL, but totally dispensable in this entertainment game called MS earth sim … errrrr flight sim, sorry.

The only plane that I find is challenging me with a bit of realistic adverse yaw is the WB Sim 172 Mod so far. All else are a fail.

Will get the Kodiak then… :wink:


No offence taken at all, sorry if we come off that way. Everyone has different systems and different ways they want to run their sim.

The files are shared internally, scanned by the developer, myself and then when I build the installer there is a MD5 checksum to make sure none of the files are tampered with in the installer before it is sent out for distribution. It is safe but… Windows Defender will flag anything not digitally “signed” (which really has nothing to do with AV anyways)

If you are having an issue with our installer, email me in support and I can assist you. A screengrab of your exact error is preferable.

Thank you. I don’t get an error, just nothing happens when I try to run it, even if I choose to run it as an administrator. I never see it pop up in my Task Manager, either.

But, as I noted, I’ve got another issue with my PC I have to fix before I bother you with what may be a non-issue on the installer’s part (I’m still scanning it, 16TB to go through :roll_eyes:). It could just be a problem with my PC. Other programs run, but, I really want to remove all the variables.

MS Defender sees it like this. I checked the file with Norton and it was ok, so I installed it.

If you think marketplace is not friendly to developers, then what about us customers? For us it‘s hell. :slight_smile: A case for the UN human rights council. It‘s a place where we are shown only pictures, then have to buy, We can not try anything. We can‘t take anything for a test flight. We have to buy first, no returns possible. Simple things are way overpriced. It‘s a place representing the worst of mankind. LOL.

Well, truth to tell, I’m not a massive fan either but I’m not sure it’s quite that bad.

I ended up having to email plane devs directly to ask if their planes work with VR, because I’d been burned by marketplace purchases that didn’t support VR and then being stuck with a plane I couldn’t use.

Yes it’s very bad and treating the customers the worst possible way.
What happened to trial versions of software?
For the love of flying, the things we have to put up with to support that hobby…

It’s impossible to find out the most important basic features of a product in that “marketplace” before handing over the money without the right of a return. Just WOW! Where I live (in Europe) only the Mafia has that kind of business ethics.
And the 3rd party plane makers are the same, the worst, is anybody offering trial versions of their planes? Not that I’m aware of.

Ant’s Airplanes has a trial version of the Drifter on his website.

As third-party add-ons are just another folder being copied into the community folder, how can you limit the access once the trial ended?

It’s not a program which has to be unlocked via an online-based licensing server system like Adobe does it. Also this kind of security measure will be overkill for small developers - for money reasons as support reasons.
A demo of an add-on is not feasible I’m afraid.

I’ve learned the hard way to wait before buying add-ons for this sim. Some add-ons were indeed subpar (not speaking about MilViz here) and a kinda quick money-grab.
I can only point to reviews on YouTube - you can spot most issues with an add-on there.
Even some official planes released by Asobo/MS are falling into this category…

Also, refunding software is always difficult. Steam etc. makes sure, once you refund you won’t be able to use it anytime longer - that’s just not possible with simple add-ons.

carefull - this topic is going off topic. :slight_smile:
Just saying…maybe start a new thread,

Much love


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Absolutely not. Most reviewers are competing to be the first with their youtube reviews. The more demanding flight simmer, interested in under the hood data, expert evaluations of the flight dynamics and such, are not getting the info they seek.

I speculate it is exactly for that reason, that thorough tests are not possible BEFORE a purchase, that the very most planes, also the Milviz Pilatus PC-6 here, are so underdeveloped in the flight model realism department, but strong on the toy factor and eye candy. It‘s what the format of the marketplace promotes.

Or look at the Top 10 lists in this forum of most popular airplanes. It‘s completely regardless of the fidelity of a plane‘s flight characteristics in the sim…

And it‘s easy to allow time limited (or otherwise limited) demos, if MS wanted it…

Not sure I agree with that. Sure some “popular real world planes” are high up even if the handling isn’t totally realistic, but the very top are all with very accurate FM’s as far as I can tell. C414, Kodiak, 310R, 737, Arrows (to be improved but used to be bang on, and they still hold their place), DC-6, Spitfire. The first questionable one is Twin Otter but regardless of the flak it got at release, it’s still there hanging on - which I assume is due to it’s versatility and pretty good selection of useful variants. The C152 had most votes with the JPL (now also WB-Sim) mod linked to it but I think even the default is pretty good.


Let’s just say some people have higher expectations than others. It’s up to all of us to learn how to glean what we need to know about any given addon based on what we want and don’t want from all the available information that’s out there. The information is out there, there are people who know, but we have to learn where to look and how to interpret what we want to know from what people say. That’s all there is. Trial versions of addons are going to be very few and far between, it’s just a fact of life.

To purchase or not is our responsibility and nobody else’s. Personally, I would never consider asking for a refund on a purchase. It’s not worth the time or heartache. I’d much rather do the research up front. Heck, dinner for two at any restaurant around me these days ends up being at least $80, I’m going to complain about the cost of an addon I’m likely going to use for years? Really? I’m just glad I have a good job. I know others are not in the same position as me. Point is, be smart. Nobody really cares about your (or my) mistakes, per se. Sorry.

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Sorry, I don’t get why you are trying to make MS’ case, and not the one for us the customers and users. Why should this marketplace be held to any other standard than all usual business interactions to end customers? Would you tell someone who is denied trying on a suit in a clothing store, that this is the way it is and he could get all the information he wants in the internet elsewhere?
Or if you buy a car, would you accept that you can’t test drive it ever?

But back to the Milviz Pilatus PC-6, another case of ‘buy it or leave it, can’t try it’.

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