Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The Kodiak gets good word of mouth regarding flight dynamics realism.
But the C414 and the C310R seem to be much more blurry in the flight realism regard.
A good evidence, if a developer is trying to be good in the flight model realism department, is their implementation of the new propeller, fluid dynamics and adverse yaw parameters.
AFAIK C414, C310R - and Pilatus PC-6 - do not bother so far with modelling and implementing those… (correction: the C310R at least has the new propellor models implemented, but not the other new parameters.)

A car costs me $20K - $50K, please don’t use that as an example.

No, I’m tired of people complaining about their mistakes and blaming other people (the vendors saying “C’mon over here, buy my stuff…”). I’m saying do your research, and spend your money wisely. There are swindlers everywhere around you, and to that point, MS isn’t responsible for the vendors who sell in their Marketplace. There are people out there who are perfectly happy with, well, I won’t name vendors, but I’m sure you know who I mean, and want more products like that. MS isn’t going to cater to your needs. They cater to the needs of the whole Marketplace. It’s up to all of us to do our research.

Sure, we can definitely ask vendors to fix their stuff. But, if they say no, lick your wounds and move on and never purchase from them again. I’m saying as a society, due largely to the anonymous nature of the internet, we’ve lost our sense of personal responsibility for our actions.

As far as your feelings, needs, and desires for a perfect FM and everything else, you are absolutely welcome to that. But I’m sure you’re well aware that the products that meet your needs are going to be extremely few and far between. It’s really hard to meet that level of completeness, and most people aren’t as demanding as you are. Which is fine.


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Look, I don’t want to get in an argument with you. Really, all I’m saying is that trial versions are not going to happen, at least not until the internet becomes a more secure place.

Take what I said that nobody cares with what I meant. I care about you. Sure, I absolutely care about what you think about a product and how it meets your needs. But, you made the choice to purchase it. I have no idea what your budget is like, but, if you spent the money, hopefully you made that choice with respect to what you can spend, and took into account ahead of time it might not meet your needs ahead of time. If you bite into a bad apple, do you take it back to the store and return it, or do you throw it away? If vendors started giving refunds for whatever, they’ll never make any money. People will buy the planes, ask for a refund, and then continue flying them. They already have to deal with the fact that their products are pirated as soon as they are released.

Over time I’ve learned how to determine if a product meets my needs before I purchase it. I’ve been happy with my purchases more often than not. When not, oh well. It didn’t cost me more than a case of beer or two at most, and if it’s two cases, I better have done my research. And usually it’s the price of a 12 pack…

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Well, then, let’s just agree that you and I disagree on what our responsibilities are… and move on.

That’s going to depend on each of us, and how important money and our enjoyment of life is. For me, I usually spend probably two hours max researching. I’ve been purchasing products since I think about 1998, and I know who the good and bad vendors are, and I know what I need from products, so it doesn’t take all that much research.

As far as adverse yaw, I fly for real, and I know the difference between what flying in a simulator is like and flying for real, and I know the limitations of my controllers, so, my expectations are what they are. Personally, I care more about systems fidelity than gnat’s butt flight modeling. Sure, really good flight modeling is pretty cool, but, hey, I know what to expect. And, this is only for me personally, I’m definitely not going to ask for a refund because they didn’t model adverse yaw perfectly. My controllers couldn’t tell the difference anyway (Logitech ExtremePro3D joystick and CHProducts Rudder pedals. I’d like to get those really awesome rudder pedals someday, but I have other things to spend $500 on before that).

Personally, I use products for what I know they can do, not what I wish they would do. And my expectations align with that as do my purchases.

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  • A Pilot is a Pilot - Treat everyone in the community with respect, and seek to have positive experiences with your fellow pilots.

as a stretched out hand to my fellow sim pilot: fair enough. I personally - and all the others criticizing the subpar flight models here - do not expect anything to behave „perfectly“. That‘s a straw man. I expect only a decent amount of realism, as far as possible in a sim.

But when it comes to the side forces, apparent in cross wind and adverse yaw scenarios, there is something fundamentally wrong in this sim.

It is expected (using correct procedures and sufficient handling practice), to being able to master a crosswind landing or takeoff for - let‘s say up to max. demonstrated cross wind - without always veering down the runway like a drunken sailor or landing in the bushes next to the runway most of the time. Also in a taildragger like this PC-6.

It just kills all the fun and renders the whole - in my case high four digit dollar amount - investment into this sim a bit pointless, if this error is not found and eliminated.


With the GTN750 mod from, the PC6 Porter analog is an absolute blast!

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PMS GTN750 with this mod PMS50 GTN750 & TDS NXi Addition for Milviz/Blackbird PC-6 Porter » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Just got the update through the marketplace. Knocked it out of the park. I’m but a recreational flyer at best but we shot some landings on Lake Union in Seattle if a float plane is ever made available and what a craft. Those round gauges really make it come alive. Thanks for all the hard work!


As this is now released for Xbox, we’re looking for input as to whether or not this is working properly.

Do let us know




Bought it last night and and had only a couple of flights and everything seems to work correctly not noticed any issues

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Would you not want to verify this yourself as well? :thinking:… I would if I were the developer. Don’t get me wrong: generally the testing done on a standalone (real) XBox seems a bit “underdeveloped” and I as a paying customer I should not be the first one who tries it on a supported platform. User feedback is great but thorough testing is in the ballpark of the creators in the first place.


How many people have an Xbox on our dev team? 1. And that person doesn’t really know how to fly.

Xbox’s are still very hard to find (as well as being very over inflated in the cost dept).

Finally, no one told us they were going to release them until the day of…

This sounds whiny and I guess it is.

Nonetheless, if you have issues, please let us know.


Ah, too bad, I understand. This seems to be a problem for even the MS/Asobo team so I am not too surprised. However I still think nothing should be developed and sold for XBox if not enough XBoxes are available to test.


And also the devs cant test on xbox as they only can testit on the real hardware as soon as it is released to the public

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That’s correct. We can’t test it on Xbox until it’s released on Xbox. Catch 22.

Anyway, if anyone finds things that are busted, let us know in our support forum and we will see what can be done