Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter

I will check the CB.

Turning the unit off is what I’d like to do. I thought that it is possible to turn off/on the units using the PWR/Vol knob (the one with .C on it).

how do i align the HSI with the compass? it’s almost fully 180 degrees off. As you can see I’m almost flying due north, however even the GPS thinks I’m flying southwest.

I didn’t know the GPS used the HSI input either. Interesting. How can I fix this?

Try pressing the D key on the keyboard for Gyro alignment.

i consider that the “cheat” way of doing it. i want to do it correctly like a pilot would do. which switch do I flip or knob do I turn?

You would have to align it using the magnetical compass.

Anyway, take a look here:

Something isn’t right. The GPS is using satellites to determine your position and bearing, not a gyro.

Do you have some sort of mod conflict?

thats what I thought as well, but when I pressed ‘D’ the GPS flipped around to correct heading along with HSI. no additional mods

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Some aircraft will have a control panel with a switch that will either slave or unslave the HSI to a magnetic flux gate (usually out in the wing somewhere) that senses magnetic north. In slave mode, it syncs the heading card automatically to that sensor, otherwise it rotates independently of that and there’s a second switch you can use to slew it to the correct magnetic heading.

Barring that, some aircraft you can pull the course knob out, and align the heading card.

Barring that, some aircraft are not simulated fully.

This is an example what a slaving/sync switch looks like, if installed:


That is pretty weird.

Did you use slew mode any time before that?

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yes, i did upon initial loading to get the plane in a better position before turning on the master. think that had something to do with it

That’ll be it! The Islander does the same thing, I believe.

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Yep, I had remembered a thread about that. There’s some sort of glitch in the nav systems that get the HSI and GPS out of whack after slewing.


I would like to buy the Pilates plane from the marketplace. I am interested in the analog instrument version, is the analog version available on the market?


The Milviz PC6 comes with a G1000 as well as an analog version. Those are available on the standard tire, bush tire and float version.


I would like your help. The airplane does not turn with the side rudder when taxiing. How can I turn it around?

Make sure the tailwheel lock is disengaged and if you use FSRealistic, turn off the Wind Ambience movement effects.

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