Minor bug in marketplace filters (and fun typo in the French options)

In the marketplace menu (full catalog), we have now a new option:

    allowing to select only add-ons for PC or XBOX, depending on the platform where MSFS is running

As others filters (creators, rating, bundle…), this option can be checked and it work fine (but may be, not noticeable on PC, as there is actually, no XBOX exclusive content ! this work fine on XBOX where it mask all exclusive PC products).

At the bottom of the window, there is a button called “RESET ALL FILTERS”:

If you click on it, it should reset all filters. Indeed, it clear all checked boxes…
:bug: …except the new “CURRENT PLATFORM” option.

I registered this bug in zendesk #121021

I also registered another fun bug in this option list, that affect only the French version.

Here, we have a text for “ON SALE” translated by “EN VENTE”.

This is totally idiot (because this mean and equivalent to somthing like “available and sell in this shop”). Er, what ? is there some products not available in the store ??? this is confusing, not clear… as we have only dematerialized iems, sure, they are mandatory present/ in stock.

Indeed, a by far better translation should be “EN PROMOTION” or “EN SOLDE” (yes, this term has been imported, and very common in France. On commercial periods, you will see lot’s of adds “SOLDES” in French shops (equivalent to “SALES” in UK/US).


I opened the zendesk ticket #120614 for this typo, that only affect the French release.

The first time that I saw this option, I was really wondering what does this mean.

The nuances of language can be lost on some translators. Google translates “En Vente” as “On Sale,” while Bing gives “For Sale.” In English, the two phrases mean something entirely different. On Sale implies a promotional or reduced price, while For Sale simply means you can purchase something.

Yes, it is true that machine translations sometimes give ambiguous or inaccurate results. For MSFS, one could indeed believe that they used a translator without checking afterwards if the result was correct.

But I also reported another typo bug, under zendesk #120614 concerning the panel of the C172 (classic, not the G1000).

This too is remarkable and can hardly be explained by the use of an automatic translator. Note that, this other bug existed for at least a year and has still not been corrected. I saw it in a French video made at the first release of MSFS for PC. I checked and it still exists on XBOX, but does not apply to the EN-US version.

The knob used to set frequencies has an help popup. This knob has two rings, both should have the same help text. This is true for the EN-US version, where “STANDBY FREQUENCY” is displayed, but wrong for the FR-FR version, where one show “FREQUENCE DE VEILLE” (that is correct) and the other show “FREQUENCE DE SECOURS” !!! (english equivalent to rescue frequency).
Why this difference ? it’s totally absurd, and difficult to explain by an automatic translation error.

I don’t know if others language suffers of such typos.
But may be, this other bug is a private joke dedicated for the French public. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: