Miracle of clean installation of Graphic Driver!

Would you like MSFS 2020 to come up faster and be flight ready?
Do you want to have higher FPS?
Would you like to see new light effects in MSFS2020?
Then install your Graphic Driver CLEAN!

That works like a miracle!

Sounds interesting. How exactly do I go about doing that? I’m not very computer-savvy, so a step-by-step instruction would be awesome!

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There’s an erudite school of thought that suggests using a graphic driver uninstaller every time you install a new driver.

Go to guru3d.com and search for DDU for Nvidia or the equivalent AMD if that’s what you have.

I thought this has been the best practice everywhere.

I’ve been clean instaling my graphics drivers for the last 15 years.

When you update a driver, you will have the option to tick “Perform a Clean Install” in the process. Just enable it and it will clean install the driver for you.


I can understand there could be minor performance improvements from not having unnecessary programs running in the background but I’m prettysceptical this could provide “new light effects” ?


Did this a couple of weeks ago using DDU, found zero difference than just clicking the clean install check box.


Stay on topic folks. The last round of replies was decidedly unhelpful and were removed.


I’d recommend using NVCleaninstall
and DDU Uninstaller.
It is advised to boot into safe mode, before using DDU.


and a fresh bios update also!!