Misfiring engines/fouled plugs all of a sudden on multiple airplanes

Since a few weeks ago I’ve been having issues with plugs fouling while still on the ground in multiple aircraft: Bonanza G36, RV-14a, and the TBM 930.

The TBM 930 makes no sense since it’s a turbo prop. The TBM 930 will continue to make a rough/misfire sounds even after the engine is off.

I’ve started running extra lean on the ground now, even if it’s against the checklist but it doesn’t help. I can’t even lean the TBM since it’s a turboprop. Although there is some odd interaction with the physical lean lever and this airplane. I try not to mess with the lever in the TBM but the Logitech throttle quadrant sends noisy signals.

I’ve tried putting the brakes on and running full throttle at a lean setting for 5 minutes but it will persist. Once airborne, the sound usually clears up but it can return once back on the ground taxing at a large airport.

If this were an SU9 bug I would expect to see more complaints.

Other than the terrible sound I don’t notice much impact. Perhaps there is a sound file that can be deleted?

Seems unlikely given that spark plug fouling isn’t simulated in the vast majority of aircraft in MSFS. The default A-36 doesn’t simulate it, but the freeware improvement project does, I think. It isn’t mentioned as a feature for the RV-14, and as you say, the TBM is a turboprop. It sounds like you are just having some playback issues.

Have you tried reinstalling the affected aircraft? That has generally fixed the few sound issues that I have had.

Otherwise, what do your performance counters look like when this is happening? You can see them in the performance tab in task manager. Perhaps you have a cpu or disk bottleneck. Speaking of the latter, it may be that you have another process hammering the hard disk and causing stutters.

No stutters, performance is great, even over New York, London and Paris. I’m just getting the simulated plug fouling audio. It usually happens while on the ground, either after idling for a while or a long taxi. It sounds like an old junker car with a rough, misfiring engine.

It’s really out of place on the TBM 930. It’s like in the old Airplane move, lol.

I do have the Improvement project G36 but I’m getting the problem with that airplane and all the 3rd party stuff disabled through the Add On Linker. I figured that should have fixed the issue.

It’s like the G36 modeling somehow got into the base sim, but that shouldn’t be possible, unless the G36 is tapping into unused base sim functionality? Also, the G36 is triggering way faster than it used to. Just a couple minutes running rich and it’s fouled.

I also have failures turned off.

Is there some cache locations the sim uses for compiled code?

Does it happen with an empty community folder?

I haven’t fully emptied it. I have just tried with all other 3rd party airplanes and airplane mods off. So just scenery related items. But I have most disabled since I use the linker app, I typically only load what I’m using for the session.

I’ve even scanned for conflicts with linker with all community content loaded.

The next step will be going fully empty.