Missing airport ESKS

Scandinavian Mountains Airport, ESKS is missing in the sim. There is one with the code ESKS, but it´s an airport that had the ICAO-code ESKS before 2015 (Stangnas). Since 2017 they changed it, so now it´s the airport in Salen.

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This one has actually been brought up a few times on the forum but I don’t see that someone reported to Zendesk nor do I see it in the “Missing Airports” topic.

How to report a missing in airport:

  1. Check if the airport has already been reported by looking at the first few posts in that topic or by searching the topic.
  2. If not, report the missing airport through Zendesk
  3. Create a new post to that topic and add the missing airport with coordinates.


It’s in the sim I believe as ENIB (Slens Flygplats).

I have reported it to Zendesk today.

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No, it´s not that one. It´s a swedish one: Scandinavian Mountains Airport - Wikipedia
and in a ORBXversion for P3D: ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)

There was topic here about ENIB:

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Yep. that’s the issue. The identifier is wrong. Navigraph has it as ESKS. The coordinates for the airport in the Wikipedia article match the physical location to where Navigraph shows ESKS and where MSFS has ENIB.

MSFS does have an airport with the identifier ESKS but it looks like it is the Strängnäs Air Base. Another incorrect identifier. I can’t find the correct one.

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Strängnäs Airbase closed for airtraffic in 2005

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