Missing airports after SU7

Microsoft Store version, no Developer Mode

Since the update some airports were removed from the database. For now I have noticed this in northern Canada. E.g. CYHK - Gjoa Haven was available and now has disapeared. A friend of mine has the airports, so the probems seems to be with my installation.

How do I repair the airport database?

To the best of my knowledge this information is contained in the package folder
and possibly fs-base-nav
in the Official/OneStore folder.

I have just checked my installation of MSFS and can confirm that CYHK is missing in the default airport data. However, navigraph has data on this airport so it will appear in the sim for me due to having a navigraph subscription. However, only the runway will appear!

Has your friend, by any chance, also got navigraph?

It may be helpful to list all the missing airports that you have discovered here in this thread.

I can confirm that my friend has Navigraph.

Here is a first list of missing airports in a radius of 500 Nm:

Identificação Nome Longitude Latitude
CYAB Arctic Bay -85,0473175 73,0063858
CYBB Kugaaruk -89,80539703 68,53591156
CYBK Baker Lake -96,07765198 64,29881287
CYCO Kugluktuk -115,1439056 67,8167038
CYCS Chesterfield Inlet -90,7311554 63,34711075
CYCY Clyde River -68,51693726 70,48591614
CYEK Arviat -94,07159424 61,09396744
CYGT Igloolik -81,81648254 69,36466217
CYGT Igloolik -81,81648254 69,36466217
CYHK Gjoa Haven -95,85035706 68,63547516
CYIK Ivujivik -77,92527771 62,41734314
CYSR Nanisivik -84,61360931 72,98222351
CYTE Cape Dorset -76,5248642 64,23022461
CYUT Repulse Bay -86,22473907 66,52067566
CYUX Hall Beach -81,2424469 68,77577209
CYUX Hall Beach -81,2424469 68,77577209
CYXN Whale Cove -92,59793854 62,24007797
CYXN Whale Cove -92,59793854 62,24007797
CYYH Taloyoak -93,57701874 69,54665375
CYZS Coral Harbour -83,35935974 64,193367
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By the way, if you do add these to a missing airport list, here is my favorite UL runway in Portugal. The runway and buildings are all there, only the ICAO is missing.

LP0048; Alqueidão UL; Long -8,8035; Lat 39,0664

There is a thread existing for reporting such airports that have been missing since launch:


Please post this specific missing airport there. I couldn’t find a record that it had been reported.

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Hello BOV0419345, we’ve been checking internally and these airports were not in the database. As advised by Tamalien, please check if airports you mentioned are already in the Missing airport thread. if not, please add the remaining ones stated in your post.

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