Missing Alaska Airports

Seward PAWD; Valdez PAVD; Northway PAOR


Pop over to Zendesk and you will find a missing airports report. This would be the place to put your list to get it rectified.
I too have run into those, or haven’t. Not sure how to put that… :wink:

Pretty sure every airport you mentioned is available on Flightsim.to .

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I found PAWD, Seward but not PAVD,Valdez


It’s an elavation fix but it indeed mentions flying into PAVD.

I’m unable to find the Valdez airport in MFS2020. I did find the Seward airport.

There are a lot of “missing Alaska airports” topics in the forums, but there are no topics for any of these airports in Bugs & Issues. You could post individual bug reports (one for each airport) or you could log them on Zendesk.
I would recommend Zendesk to guarantee that it makes it on their bug tracker.

I have submitted more than one Zendesk report soon after the MSFS2020 was released. The “missing airports” bug must be low on the priority list in Asobo.

I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I’ve been submitting the same bugs over and over with every release and they haven’t been fixed either. Hopefully they will be fixed soon.

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