Missing Career-Mode/Passengers

Also, if there was a number of passengers that we transferred at our carrer status would be good.

Just so you know, I am going to play Microsoft Flight Simulator for the first time. I didn’t know “passengers” exist! :confused:

There are a few free addons for this currently. FSEconomy.net and FSCharter.net
I have lots of hours in both. FSEconomy allows time acceleration with some limitations for those that have limited play time to allot. FSCharter is real time flight tracking, providing leaderboards and is well done. The web interface shows all current players on the map realtime and gives a better multiplayer feel over FSEconomy.

One can only hope that 2024 has options as complete as these two when it comes out.

Jobs are confirmed for MSFS 2024. let’s hope passengers transfering is there too. :slightly_smiling_face: