Missing Challenges

I’ve just installed the UK Ireland World Update but I don’t see any new challenges - according to the News, there should be one in the Shetlands and one in the South East of England. Irrespective of where I look, I see no new challenges - famous, epic, strong winds are all showing as previously. The epic flight in the Bonanza is showing up but the challenges are missing… reported via zendesk but no number received in the confirmation mail…

i’ve same issue

Have you gone to your content manager and downloaded the updates there, as well?

It helped for me but the reality is why should I download an update and then have to download and install it in the content manager? I didn’t do this for the US World Update… sloppy of Asobo…

This has been the procedure for all of the World Updates so far.

Download a relatively small update in the MS Store
Start MSFS and install a somewhat larger update
Go to the Marketplace and “buy” and download the free World Update content

It was the same for the Japan update and the US update.

you are wqring there, it was same for us.
and yes , its not at all userfreindly in this way

If it was the case that there were two separate updates, one for the game, one for the world update, I could understand. But after installing the 20GB game update, FS2020 shows the UK Ireland World Update - why doesn’t this install itself? Secondly, more confusing, how come things like the iconic flight from Westray to Papa Westray was available for me to fly but the two landing challenges were not?

The challenges and the flight are both part of the UK World update, but the iconic flight is installed after the Game Update, but the other isn’t? If they do an update, then everything should be updated at the same time, surely?