Missing fauna?

Loving the new update. I was trying to find some rhinos and hippos to buzz in Africa but can’t find them. I am flying from a nearby airfield to the “footprint” location on the world map but there is nothing there.

I have fauna density set to max and I enabled the fauna id/flag thingy so it shows where they are when near.

I flew around the area a bit but no luck. Tried 3 or 4 different locations.

It’s been a while since I last searched for them but remember finding elephants and giraffes in the past. Anyone else seeing this?

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Try Blue Nile Giraffes. I just tried that yesterday after SU5 upgrade. They are there.

Thanks will give it a go. My kids wanted to see the animals but in the end just questioned my map reading skills :slight_smile: Time for a reprieve.

Bardiya - rhinoceros are in the wrong place. You have to fly down to the riverbed. Check it out.

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Nsefu Hippopotamus are in completely the wrong place when you search from the map. They are way to the south. You will never find them where they are showing on the map. Applies to other fauna as well.

That the trouble with fauna, they move… :slight_smile:

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They hoping around like :kangaroo: :kangaroo: :kangaroo:

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