Missing from London

Where the hell is the Swiss Re building? Even P3D has the Swiss Re building in downtown London. It should be too difficult to miss–it is shaped like a bullet, or an egg to some. Where is it Microsoft?

London is pretty disappointing at the moment, IMO. Frustrating that, having paid over £100 for Premium Deluxe, I had to fork out another £6 for the Orbx London add-on. Without that, most of the bridges were missing, as was HMS Belfast and quite a few other landmarks.

Not to mention that, without photogrammetry, Buckingham Palace also looked like a block of flats.


Without photogrammetry it all sucks. I, too, bought the Premium Deluxe version. I expected a better representation of the world’s major cities, including London. Rome was treated even worse, if you can find it. I did, but it took some doing. I’m not completely disappointed in MSFS 2020, but I kept my v.4 of Prepared 3D with all the Orbx add-ons.

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