Missing GPS procedures

Recently got back to MSFS after several months off. Updated everything to current. (wow) Now there are no procedures available in the GPS or FMS on any aircraft. All the STARs, approaches, nothing available to choose from now. Did i miss something in an update?

Confirm you have removed all Working Tittle mods from the Community Folder (if your pc) & installed the current versions from the Market Place (free).

That did not work. Upon further investigation, there are NO waypoints. ie; When I type in a KNOWN navaid or intersection, the GPS no matter which aircraft, shows “no match found” All the airports are still there however. I can punch those in just fine.

Is this the old problem where when you remove Navigraph from the community folder manually instead of uninstalling from their installer, it breaks all navigation waypoints in the sim?

If so, redownload the Navigraph installer and reinstall the navdata; then if you want to start clean, uninstall it from the installer app.

(This has bitten me before. :wink: )

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Haven’t removed Navigraph and it’s up to date.

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Turns out you were right! I hadn’t removed anything, but apparently the navdata had been broken somehow. Works perfectly after a re-install! Thanks for putting me on the right track!

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